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Royal Kundan jewellery is one of the most elegant and luxurious pieces of jewellery available in the Indian market. It is believed that Kundan was originated from the royal state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This type of jewellery was also used in Jodha Akbar, which is a popular movie of Bollywood in India. This type of jewellery was largely influenced and developed by the Mughals. It can be observed in their historical artwork and religious texts. Aishwarya Rai's expensive jewellery in the Jodha Akbar movie is a perfect example of this. 


Kundan Jewellery for Brides

An extremely special type of jewellery, Kundan jewellery is made using glass pieces that are inserted in gold to produce a unique work of art. Kundan's nature is vast, royal, gorgeous, luxurious, and very queenly. Without a question, Royal Kundan Bridal sets are what one has to choose from our online store when one wants to stand out from the crowd. Royal Kundan is also the greatest jewellery choice for brides. It enhances a bride's beauty naturally, doubles the appearance, and perfectly complements bridal attire. 

Kundan Jewellery for Royal Indian Weddings

Indian wedding traditions and rituals have included Kundan jewellery for a very long time. But the majority of people are still unaware of it. Basically, it is a type of jewellery made of glass and gemstones that are put between gold foils. In Kundan jewellery, the distinguishing characteristics and incredible polished gemstones aid in creating the best patterns and designs. Kundan jewellery has piqued people's interest for about 5000 years, since the Indus Valley Civilization. Kundan jewellery originated in major regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan and today it is regarded as a main component of the modern fashion industry. One of the primary reasons why these items have a royal appeal is that the Mughal queens wore these pieces of jewellery. 

Adorn Yourself With Kundan Set

Indian traditional jewellery known as Kundan is best characterized as elegant and interesting. It has established itself as one of the most well-liked jewellery designs in India thanks to its exotic appearance and unmatched craftsmanship. Fashionistas and Bollywood actors also enjoy dressing up in the exquisite elegance of Kundan jewellery sets. Owning lavish Kundan jewellery sets is simple today. You can choose from the most exquisite designs and styles with Miss Highness. Let's look at how Kundan jewellery may make you dazzle and shine, unlike anything you've ever experienced. 

Buy Kundan Jewellery Online from the Best Collection

There are artificial Kundan jewellery pieces as well as ones that are molded from pure gold in Kundan. The best is easily accessible online with only a few clicks on Miss Highness. For every woman out there, Miss Highness offers wonderful, elegant designs in lovely patterns that you all will love. Online shoppers can choose from a wide selection of Royal Bridal Kundan jewellery sets, including Kundan necklacesKundan earrings, Kundan bracelets, and Kundan maang tikkas. Our online store is a one-stop destination for everyone to shop for all festivals and wedding celebrations. We at Miss Highness promise to serve you the best Royal Kundan jewellery for all of our customers. 

Kundan Jewellery Sets with Latest Designs

The centerpiece of a Kundan jewellery set is the necklace, which is also the biggest in any jewellery set. They come in a variety of forms, including Kundan chokers, long necklaces, closed collars, etc. Such designs were often set with large stones, which were used to make them heavier. However, women today, like lighter clothing. Due to the evolving interests of modern ladies, these classic Kundan jewellery designs are being created in lighter forms. Combining traditional Kundan jewellery designs with lighter, easier accessible forms, gives them the best of both worlds. 

Artificial Kundan Jewellery with Diff-Diff Types

Kundan jewellery has many subcategories, including Meena Kundan jewellery, also known as Meenakari. This type of jewellery is created using enamel in various colours. It is a highly delicate procedure that produces beautiful pieces of jewellery. Another type of jewellery that originates from Kundan is Kundan Polki Jewelry. Polki is quite similar to Kundan in terms of design and look. Polki is much more expensive, glossy, and frequently used in genuine gold jewellery, using uncut diamonds in place of glass. The lengthy and laborious process of creating Kundan jewellery includes several tough and crucial steps. 

Choose From The Wide Range Of Royal Kundan Jewellery

Royal Kundan jewellery sets are easily available on Miss Highness and it offers various latest designs and various colours for everyone to choose the best according to their needs and wants. Jewellery plays a crucial role in making your special day the best one. If you need something for your wedding or parties, Miss Highness offers you all types of jewellery for different occasions. 

Kundan Necklace: When we talk about jewellery, the first thing that strikes our mind is Necklaces. We provide both basic necklaces with just a little pendant and large Kundan necklace sets online. The brides can dress elegantly by wearing large necklaces with their stunning lehengas. Our customers from India, usually shop for our Kundan necklace sets and Kundan choker sets at our online store. The diverse styles of Kundan jewellery sets have converted casual viewers into repeat customers who only visit our website for their bulky Indian Kundan jewellery. 

Kundan Earrings:  We have a vast selection of Kundan earrings, including Chand Balis, Jhumkas, studs, and truly massive pieces that may be worn alone and grab attention. Our earrings have Kundan jewellery pearls, which make them look royal and incredibly gorgeous. Our selection of Kundan earrings is highly traditional and has an Indian Royal appearance. Additionally, our earrings include little and large Kundan jewellery pearl detailing that makes them more beautiful. 

Kundan Rings: Who doesn’t like rings? The small but the most beautiful jewellery to complete your look. We have a wide range of Kundan rings, each of them is very unique in look and quite different from the other. Kundan rings represent royalty, beauty, and luxury. We have a collection of rings from large to little and the colour enamel highlights the craftsmanship of the jewellery. 

Kundan Maang Tikkas: The Kundan maang tikkas are the best-selling items in artificial Kundan jewellery online because there is no better maang tikka in such a price range. From little to large ones, with a range of styles like droppings to Chaand baalis, we have all types of Maang Tikkas for every occasion, from basic to designer and expensive ones with pearl decorations. Even without any further accessories, a flawless maang tikka can steal the show. 

Kundan Bracelets: Kundan bracelets and bangles are artistically created with enamel and amazing craftsmanship. The bangles can be worn in pairs or groups on both hands, it will look better when paired with some amazing lavishing Kundan bracelets. This jewellery can also be used for weddings, you can buy some amazing Kundan bridal sets for a unique bridal look. 

Few Tips for Wearing Kundan Jewellery Sets

The fact, Kundan jewellery sets include items with beautiful patterns and colours you should dress according to the occasion when wearing them. A few things to remember are as follows: 

Wear clothes that match your Kundan jewellery: 

The main attraction of Kundan jewellery is that it complements the majority of traditional Indian dresses. However, if you want to make a statement with your appearance, you may match the colour of your clothing with the stones in your Kundan jewellery.  Another item you should consider is the neckline of your dress. For example, if you want to wear a long Kundan necklace with a saree, make sure your blouse has a low neckline to make the neckpiece stand out from the crowd. 

Focus on the Event's Theme: 

The style of Kundan jewellery is evolving along with the times. You may now purchase contemporary-style Kundan jewellery sets online. Focus on the occasion's or event's theme while choosing your jewellery on Miss Highness. For example, you might choose a Kundan jewellery set with a classic design to match your lehenga or saree if you want to look like a princess on your special day. But if you're dressed up for a party or a special event, a Kundan set with a modern design would go better with your Indo-Western outfit. 

Choose the Right Accessories: 

To complete your style, be sure that choose the appropriate accessories to match your Kundan jewellery. Two such items that you must not misjudge are your handbag and your shoes. Consider choosing a beaded handbag or an embellished purse in the same colour as your jewellery. To soften the appearance, you might also use a neutral colour. Choose a pair of shoes that not only fits nicely with your outfit but also is comfortable. 

One-Stop Destination For All Kundan Jewellery Online at

Do you want to buy stunning Kundan jewellery online? To satisfy your sense of style, Miss Highness offers you the most gorgeous Kundan jewellery designs. In order to ensure that you have plenty of options, our designs are carefully chosen to encompass a variety of themes and styles. You may choose from Kundan jewellery designs that have different gemstone placements. You are sure to find your match in the selection at Miss Highness, whether you're searching for a traditional Kundan set or a modern style. We provide affordable Kundan sets so that you won't experience any difficulty when purchasing at our online store. Therefore, stop wasting time now. Simply begin browsing our selection to choose your preferred Kundan jewellery designs.


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Everything you will find at Miss Highness

The traditional jewellery of Gujarati and Rajasthani monarchies served as the foundation for Kundan. A highly refined or pure kind of gold is described by the word "Kundan." Uncut glass or gemstones are put on pure gold foils to make extensive layers of complicated designs in this type of jewellery. Once stones started to be placed on silver, which made the jewellery more inexpensive, Kundan jewellery started to become popular among average citizens. You can now get these gorgeous pieces of jewellery by choosing from a large selection of Kundan jewellery available online at Miss Highness. 

Here at Miss Highness, we provide exquisite jewellery of the best quality. Miss Highness only uses materials of the greatest calibre to create their fashion jewellery. The most recent jewellery styles are available right here at our online store. We provide jewellery made with American diamond jewellery, Kundan jewellery, temple jewellery, and the most popular oxidised jewellery. This is not the end, though; Miss Highness offers a variety of jewellery, from party wear jewellery to bridal jewellery sets. Additionally, we provide some incredible imitation jewellery, such as artificial necklace sets, fashionable bracelets for women, elegant earrings, and American Diamond rings. Buying Kundan jewellery online is now very simple, thanks to the website's most user-friendly UI. 

Additionally, our online store offers more choices. To achieve a royal appeal, pair your Kundan jewellery sets with handcrafted adjustable Kundan earrings. Our Kundan necklaces showcase unbeatable Indian style. Put on a gold-plated Kundan bracelet or other bangles with gemstones to adorn your wrist. At your next ethnic event, dress up your face with trendy nose pins with beaded chains to complete your look. 

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FAQ's For Kundan Jewellery

Q: Why is Kundan Jewellery so popular?

A: The desire for Kundan Jewellery never goes away, although it increases during the wedding season. Indian bridal outfits are not considered complete without some amazing Kundan jewellery. In addition to weddings, Kundan jewellery can be worn at any occasion, social event, or religious ceremony. Millions of girls purchase Kundan jewellery to go with their Indian clothing, and some even style themselves by wearing them with western dresses. 

Q: What Stones are used in Kundan Jewellery?

A: Kundan is created by carefully fitting the glass stones, which include pearls, emeralds, sapphire, topaz, ruby, agate, crystal, and jade into the base. It does not have a huge amount of gold, because it is mostly about stones. This form of art is only found in India, making it incredibly valuable in the whole world. 

Q: Where can I buy the best Kundan jewellery online in India? 

A: Miss Highness provides you with the most amazing Kundan jewellery designs to fulfill your desire for elegance. Our designs are thoughtfully designed to cover a range of themes and styles to make sure you have lots of possibilities. Designs for Kundan jewellery with various gemstone placements are available for your selection. Whether you're looking for a classic or traditional Kundan set, Miss Highness' collection is guaranteed to have your match. 

Q: How can I buy the Kundan jewellery sets from Miss Highness?

A: It's quite easy to buy a Kundan Jewellery Set from Miss Highness. Simply explore our section of Royal Kundan on the internet, add the items you want to your cart, enter your address, and select a payment method from the available options. 

Q: What are the advantages of buying Kundan Jewellery online from Miss Highness?

A: You can browse a wide range of Kundan jewellery sets online at Miss Highness. We also offer the lowest prices, free delivery, easy returns, and COD. 

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