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1. How can we keep artificial jewellery so that it lasts a long time?

If artificial jewellery is kept in a box, high-quality cloth-lined cases that prevent direct air contact, it can survive longer. It will help in maintaining its shine and luster. Additionally, different jewels must be kept in separate compartments to prevent them from rubbing against one another and leaving behind tiny, frequently imperceptible blemishes that detract from the brilliance and make your favorite jewellery appear worn out. Additionally, after each use, one must clean the artificial jewellery with a soft clean cloth. Miss Highness deliver your piece of jewellery in an elegant case with a classy zipper pouch. So, you can keep it in that post-usage

2. From where to find the best artificial jewellery online?

The best platform to buy Indian artificial jewellery online is none other than Miss Highness. The high-end quality jewellery stands at the center of Miss Highness’s ideology which forms the base of its high popularity and demand. With the best-in-class jewellery designs like necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings, bracelets, and many other fashion jewellery items, Miss Highness is treasured by every fashion enthusiast.

3. Will the actual look & feel of the jewellery be different from the image shown on the website?

You will receive the same product which is being displayed on the website of At Miss Highness. However, in some cases, the product color may a bit vary due to photographic lighting conditions or the display settings of your mobile or monitor screen display settings.

4. How Can I Be Sure The Goods You Sell Are Real?

We guarantee that the products we provide are 100% genuine; the materials listed were utilized exactly as described. We promise that save slight natural variations, there won't be any differences between two pieces of the same product.

5. How to purchase artificial jewellery online at Miss Highness?

It is very simple like any other online shopping. You just need to browse the categories and select from the wide range of options available. Once you liked the items, add your selected items to your cart by clicking ‘Add to Shopping Cart’. Click on the Cart icon to view the items in your cart. In case you want to remove any item, you can click on the delete button and then click on check out. Fill up the information like basic details and shipping address and then click on ‘Proceed to Check Out’. You can apply a coupon code (if any). Then select the payment option. Place your order and continue shopping.

Fashion Jewellery by

Miss Highness offers a fusion of old and new fashion trends that pleases contemporary senses. It is elegant, smart, and classy.

The fashion jewellery trend changes frequently and every time there is a new design. There is a wide variety of fashion jewellery available. But you don’t need to worry, Miss Highness constantly updates its collection of designer jewellery to reflect current trends in fashion.

Shop By Material

Miss Highness maintains an extraordinarily high standard in selecting the best materials and adhering to a strict quality control process thanks to our own team of richly-skilled artisans.

We gather a broad assortment of premium quality materials for fashion jewellery like American diamonds or Austrian crystals, oxidized metals, Kundan, beads, pearls, stones, zircons, and many more. Let’s have a look!

Featured Products

Whether it’s a wedding function, party, casual meeting, or an elegant affair, we have the perfect jewellery for you for all types of special occasions!

Royal Classy Indian ( Imitation Fashion Jewellery )

Indian ladies have worn jewellery as a prominent form of ornamentation for centuries. Jewellery is a very personal piece of clothing that enhances women's personalities and helps them express themselves more fully. Without it, a canvas is left unfinished and is devoid of the brilliance and allure that a piece of jewellery possesses. In today’s scenario, females are looking to match jewellery with their dresses like Sarees or western Dresses. Today, original Jewellery prices have shot to the roofs in markets all across the globe. A chosen few only retained such decorations. This led to the development of what we now refer to as fashion jewellery. Artificial jewellery is affordable, sufficiently robust, and features unusual design elements. It not only enables people to accept beauty on their own terms but also gives women from all walks of life access to something that was previously exclusively available to members of high society. So, the choice of opting for Artificial Jewellery is the best option which they can easily afford to match with their clothing for any special occasion. Females all across the world are adopting the trend of matching artificial jewellery as part of their traditional western attire. The most popular artificial jewellery items today are earrings, necklace sets, rings, and bracelets. Buy earrings to have a royal look or classy look or buy rings online that go with your attire with ease.

Artificial jewellery is also known as fashion jewellery or imitation jewellery. It is called artificial jewellery because of the fact that it is made from many artificial materials. Jewelry is regarded as the ultimate expression of femininity in India and is seen as extremely auspicious according to Indian tradition. Some people can use jewellery to enhance not only their physical appearance but also their personality and status. For some people, it could be a way to show their creativity and individuality. By preserving our traditions, we at Miss Highness work to effect change by encouraging our clients to experiment with more modern and in-vogue designs. As the name suggests, fashion jewelry is the most affordable way for customers to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet.

Shop for women's designer jewellery online from Miss Highness at competitive prices. You have the chance to shop online for the alluring designer jewellery for women that we offer. Miss Highness provides what you need, whether you are searching for an elegant traditional jewellery set or a trendy contemporary neckpiece. Visit to browse its collection of traditional as well as cutting-edge classy jewellery and choose the one you like. Let's take a look at some of the hottest jewellery sets. Grab it now!!


Perks of Fashion Jewellery

Expression of Oneself

The emotion of self-expression is the main motive for wearing fashion or artificial jewellery. We may express our feelings and dwell in those moods every day thanks to fashion jewellery. If you are happy, you’ll dress in something vivid and bright. And definitely, you will choose something sophisticated and minimalistic while you are getting ready for your office. Fashion jewellery promotes individuality and lets individuals express their originality to the world.


Earlier, only gold held the status of being a precious jewellery material. Additionally, it was decorated on significant occasions to maintain your unique appearance. But today, fashion jewellery has become a daily part of life and not just a common fashion accessory. Women wear jewellery to appear elegant when they go out for a variety of reasons. This is why fashion jewellery has become so significant. It is also secure to wear frequently without worrying about theft and loss thanks to the affordable collection it provides.

Everyday a New Look

For all the women out there who are strained to wear the same jewellery repeatedly with their outfits! Here are some reasons why it's time for you to adopt a new perspective on fashion jewellery. Add some elegant rings, and chunky bracelets, along with oxidized jewellery to get that dreamy bohemian look. You can get yourself some rose gold-plated pendant sets, jhumkas, danglers, stud earrings, and necklaces with multicolored Kundans and pearls, and lots more. It will most definitely add a dash of vibrancy to your subtle attire.

Online Availability

Compared to traditional methods of shopping, buying fashion jewellery online is significantly more customer-friendly and advantageous. One of the main benefits of fashion jewellery is that you can buy artificial jewellery online of the latest styles from the comfort of home, or at work, or even while traveling. Instead of rushing into crowded marketplaces to buy jewellery, just pull out your Internet-enabled smartphone and start browsing online for the latest designs of fashion jewellery.


What about a piece of jewellery that goes with everything? Will you not enjoy it if the same bracelet and earrings may serve the purpose whether you are getting ready for a cocktail party or wearing the traditional old lehenga that your mother wore? Fashion jewellery offers you this flexibility and compatibility. You have a wide variety of selections at Miss Highness, ranging from Kundan to pearls, from American diamonds to stones, etc. You may easily get your perfect choice of fashion jewellery from a variety of options depending on the occasion you want to attend.


One of the best benefits of artificial jewellery is that they are extremely durable. These fashion jewellery items are long-lasting and do not readily lose their luster because they are made of a solid base of copper and brass. With the right maintenance, they may even last a very long time looking brand-new and dazzling. All of the carvings are completed under the guidance of experts, and they pose no risk to the product's quality. These pieces of jewellery are also less delicate and prone to breakage than gold jewellery. Apart from that, they are usually covered with high-quality polish that helps in maintaining the finish for a longer period and it adds more life to the jewelry item.


Artificial jewellery can be found in a wide range of incredible designs, patterns, and colors. In terms of variety, nothing can beat fashion jewellery. It is the perfect choice for people who are particular about their style statement as they can choose from a varied range of options in artificial jewellery. It provides numerous exquisite substitutes for conventional styles, giving the customer tons of options!



While traveling with wearing gold jewellery for occasions, there is a constant worry about your jewellery that keeps you completely occupied all the time. But, you can be free from all the worries by opting for artificial jewellery and you can enjoy the occasion comfortably. Fashion jewellery provides you with the sheer elegance and sophistication that any gold jewellery would give. They come with unbeatable designs, patterns, and fine quality keeping you free from the worry about their safety.


Top Category of Fashion Jewellery at Miss Highness


The handpicked selection of necklaces is one of our favorite jewellery trends. Chain style necklaces have become very much popular, from chunkier chains to thinner, flat chains, chain necklaces are another enduring trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. A necklace is one of the popular items of jewellery that has been adorned by women from all around the globe. We offer a wonderful collection of necklaces for women at competitive prices. Check out our Mish Highness collection's gold-plated choker necklacesKundan necklacestemple necklaces, bridal necklace sets, American diamond necklaces, meenakari necklaces, and many more.


Women all around the world have long been enthralled by earrings. Isn’t it? For all clothes and events, every lady wishes to have a pair of stunning earrings in her jewellery box. Nothing makes a woman look more attractive than a pair of designer earrings. There is a wide variety of designer earrings available right now at Miss Highness, ranging from the most simple to the most extravagant. Browse through our extensive collection of fashionable designs of artificial earrings online and pick from the wide range of options of earrings. We offer earrings ranging from daily wear earrings to luxurious party wear at reasonable prices.


Apart from serving as a fashion accessory, rings also hold a lot of sentimental as well as monetary value. A ring is regarded as one of the nicest pieces of jewellery for women, particularly when it comes to gifting. As a symbol of fidelity, power, or social standing, rings are exchanged at engagements and marriages. There is a wide range of options available in artificial rings such as American diamond rings, silver oxidized rings, Kundan rings, cluster rings, cocktail rings, engagement rings, bridal rings, contemporary rings, antique rings, temple rings, gold-plated rings, statement rings, pearl rings, and more. Get some of the premium quality artificial rings online at the best price at Miss Highness.


Bracelets for women are a particular type of jewellery that represents femininity and adorns the naked wrists of the arms. As a fashion accessory, a fashion bracelet makes any outfit looks great. We have an exquisite variety of bracelets, especially for Indian women. High-quality materials and sophisticated designs are used to create our products. The most adaptable jewellery for ladies is bracelets. Most women have a bracelet or bangle on their wrists all the time, whether for special occasions like weddings or family gatherings or just everyday wear. In varied designs and materials, you may now find a wide variety of designer wristbands. Miss Highness provides you with a handpicked selection of elegant and distinctively made bracelets for women that you may wear yourself or give as a gifting option. You can flaunt your wonderful hands and wrists in a variety of ways, whether they're used to wear watches, bangles, kadas, or anything else. However, bracelets have a unique enticing charm. A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that can be adjusted and made from metal, chains, beads, pearls, stones, leather, crystals, etc. 

Artificial Jewellery for Special Occasions

Artificial jewellery in India is one of the most well-liked accessories in the world today. The jewellery worn, particularly for special occasions, is expected to be fairly heavy and exquisite since Indian culture embraces color, life, and extravagance. Artificial jewellery is useful in this situation because its ornate quality of it is what makes it so gorgeous and attractive.

A number of different accessories are needed during the wedding season and they all have to be in an ethnic look. In addition to that, it also has to be considered that the same pieces cannot be repeated as this can be a serious fashion blunder.


Artificial Jewellery for Normal Days

Both Indian and Western clothing look amazing with dangler earrings that have designs covered with sparkling stones or pearls embellishments. They complement Indo-Western clothing well, such as tunics and tops. Casual clothing is where artificial jewellery is most frequently worn. The entire appearance can be made distinctive with the addition of a small, in-vogue accessories item.

Fashion jewellery, such as long gold-plated necklaces, pearl necklaces, and stone-studded earrings, should be worn with tunics on casual days. For a standout party outfit, fashionable jewellery can be combined with Indo Western dresses. Whether wearing a saree, salwar kameez, or lehenga choli, extravagant Indian artificial jewellery of Kundan work, pearls, and silver oxidized is the ideal focal point.

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