Jewellery Care Instructions

Jewellery Care Guidelines

The richness of genuine jewellery can be replicated by artificial jewellery, which can also make you appear equally as valuable as real jewellery. Since it is highly affordable as well as durable, you can buy it in bulk.

You most likely select a large number of these and cram them all into an unorganized box or drawer. You must take care of your imitation jewellery, just like you would care for your real jewellery, or it may tarnish, lose its shine, and not last as long.

You need to do proper care to make them look as good as new and keep them last long without losing their luster. Here are a few simple tips you need to consider to take care of your jewellery.

  1. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, soaps, hair sprays, nail paint removers, body lotions, or any other cosmetic items.
  2. After using it, clean it with a cotton cloth (dry or little damp) before placing it back.
  3. Don’t take shower while wearing your jewellery. Try to avoid direct exposure to soap and water. It may cause in making them dull and dingy.
  4.  Post-using your fashion jewellery, you shall place it in a zip-locked bag which helps to avoid contact with moisture and dust. It also helps to keep shine long-lasting.
  5. Keep your jewellery separately, not along with other pieces of jewellery. Do not place different types of fashion jewelry together in one pack as it can turn the product dark because of chemical processes.


Note: Miss Highness will deliver your product in an elegant zip pouch along with a trendy box. So, it is suggested to keep it there back post-usage.