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Whatever you want to express, jewellery is more than just decoration. Any jewellery you choose to wear, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, reveals something about your personality. Jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory, whether it is small or large, loud or subtle. You can easily be categorized by the jewellery you wear because of the wide variety of designs available in the market. Apart from serving as jewellery, bracelets serve as a vital symbol for accepting and defining any type of friendship or relationship. Basically, bracelets are the modernized version of the traditional Indian bangles.

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Women's bracelets are a special category of jewellery that exudes femininity and dresses up the arms' bare wrists. Miss Highness offers you a variety of fashionable and uniquely designed bracelets for women that may be worn personally or given as gifts. There are numerous ways to show off your lovely hands and wrists, whether worn as watches, bangles, kadas, or anything else. However, bracelets have a seductive charm all their own. An adjustable bracelet is a piece of jewellery that can be constructed of metal, chain, band, etc. Metals like copper, stainless steel, and other common metals are employed by replica bracelet producers online most frequently. Crystals, pearls, and beads are also utilized to create imitation fashion bracelets.

The best method to accent any outfit is with bracelets and bangles. The classy bracelet selection by Miss Highness is made especially for Indian women. Our products include baroque designs made from premium materials. Bangles, or kadas, have long been a significant aspect of Indian culture and bracelets are one of the most adaptable accessories for ladies. For the majority of women, wearing a simple bracelet or bangle bracelet on the wrist is the norm—whether for weddings, family gatherings, or everyday use. Designer bracelets come in a wide variety of forms and materials these days. Buy bracelets online easily at affordable ranges at Miss Highness.

Bracelet Designs for Women & Girls By Categories:

Here, we have provided a brief overview of various bracelet designs: 

Bangles for Women

One of the most typical and conventional bracelets is the bangle. An essential component of Indian shringar is bangles. In fact, in several regions of the nation, red bangles are frequently gifted to goddesses. They have a legitimate position in any collection of designer bracelets for women. These bracelets resemble bangles but are made of different materials such as plastic, metal, etc., and are openable. Young girls love these bracelets, and it goes perfectly with casual clothing.

Chain Bracelets for Girls

This is a contemporary style bracelet that is preferred for its minimalist aesthetics as well as practicality. The chain bracelet comes with a small chain attached to them, which makes the bracelet adjustable as per the comfort and size of the wrist. One of the most popular styles among them is the single-line American diamond bracelets. It perfectly goes with an elegant piece of American diamond necklace set along with western attire.

Kadas for women

A pair of kadas has long been a need for every woman who wears gold jewellery. Some things are typically regarded by our elders as essential jewellery pieces. Kadas are similar to bangles but are made of metal rather than glass. They also have a tendency to be thicker, giving any artwork greater space. Beautiful Kada bracelets are available in this section. The polish of the kadas is available in rose gold, rhodium, or yellow hues. The best-selling coating kadas with an antique finish are also frequently available. Many of these patterns use Kundan or gemstone embellishments.

Beaded & Charm Bracelets for her

Bracelets with beads or charms have become very popular as gifting options. They also can be altered by gradually adding different charms or beads. As a result, these bracelets often develop into one-of-a-kind creations for every woman. You may also add chimes or tassels to these bracelets to make them more stunning and attractive. These days, evil eye bracelets and pendants are also becoming very popular.

  •         Beaded Bracelet: Handmade beaded bracelets are particularly well-known among girls. These lovely bracelets for girls are made of strands of stray beads that have been weaved together. Bracelets made of beads can be used easily and come in various sizes. The best selection of beaded bracelets for girls can be found at Miss Highness.
  •         Charm Bracelet: These bracelets consist of a single open-link chain with a little charm. You can use your creativity to build this DIY bracelet. With either casual or formal attire, it looks lovely. For a reasonable price, Miss Highness offers a lovely selection of charm bracelets for women.

Cuff Bracelet for Girls

These bracelets resemble charm bracelets but are made in a semi-closed bangle style. The design of these bracelets is quite straightforward and distinctive. They can basically be adjusted in size as per the requirement. You may get a variety of cute cuff bracelets at our store at the lowest price.

Buy Unisex Bracelets Online

These days, unisex bracelets are also very much popular that can be worn by both men and women. Men, women, boys, and girls, all can wear these bracelets, particularly leather or link bracelets. All genders can wear kadas, which are also available in sterling silver or stainless steel. Buy bracelet online with Miss Highness at affordable ranges.

Buy Artificial Bracelet Online for every style and need

We promise that our selection of artificial Bracelets is unrivaled and that we have something to suit every taste, style, and budget. Find the artificial bracelets online of your choice by choosing from our assortment of artificial bracelets, and maintain them stylishly without worrying about a high price tag to update your everyday and festive style.

Buy Bracelet Online By Materials

Over time, the materials used to make bracelets have changed. Bangles made of glass or gold were traditionally regarded as the greatest. However, you can now get bracelets created from a wide range of materials. Bracelets can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, cloth, and even paper.

American diamond bracelet for her Online

One can never too much shine, right? Our American diamond bracelets are the ideal way to dress up any attire. These bracelets stand out with their stunning designs and premium materials. For any special event, from a formal gathering to a night out with friends, they are the ideal addition to your outfit. In addition to that, when paired with a gown, they sparkle even more. We use Austrian crystals or high-grade cubic zircons as well in our premium bracelets collection. These materials resemble diamond jewelry in appearance. When worn with big earrings and a gown, an American diamond bracelet with a single line of crystals may really make you appear like a diva at any event or occasion.

Gold bracelet for women

gold bracelet is a timeless accessory that looks good on everyone. Depending on your preferences, it can be either simple and elegant or extravagant and expansive. There are available in yellow hues, white gold, and rose gold polished. They can also be found encrusted with pearls, royal, Kundan, gemstones, hydro beads, or American diamonds.

Designs for gold bracelets can be quite conventional. They frequently draw inspiration from Rajasthani or Mughal jewellery designs. We also have a collection of beautiful gold-plated bracelets in the Kada style. We also have intricate paisley designs or Meenakari embroidery bracelets designs. The majority of these bracelets include a screw-on fastening to make wearing them easy.

Silver bracelet for her

The designs of silver bracelets tend to be simpler and more contemporary. There are numerous gorgeous oxidized silver bracelet designs available at Miss Highness. These silver bracelets for women are available in various styles. These silver bracelet styles include bracelets with beads, chains, cuffs, and bangles. To add more interest, many of these bracelets also have diamonds or charms.

Pearl bracelet for girls

Another timeless style that never goes out of style is pearl bracelets. Pearls are the most natural gems available that can be used with minimum interference from humans. They will provide you pleasure for a lifetime if you take proper care of them. They range from straightforward single-strand patterns to ones with several pearl strands. These elegant pearl bracelets for women come in a wide range of colors and styles as well. The common hues for pearl bracelets are white, pink, yellow, black, champagne, and lavender.

Stone bracelet for her

There are numerous types and a wide variety of beautiful stone bracelet designs available at Miss Highness. Delicate stone bracelets with colored crystals, hydro beads, or semi-precious stones are readily available at our store. These bracelets for girls are ideal gifting options for ladies of all ages.

Enamel bracelet for her

Designs for enamel bracelets are a colorful and entertaining way to liven up any outfit. The styles range from straightforward bands to complex patterns such as floral or abstract designs. Enamel bracelets are available in a great range of colors, such as black, red, pink, green, blue, yellow, and more.

Tennis bracelet for girls

Unlike other bracelets, which are typically rigid, tennis bracelets are typically loose on the wrists. Tennis bracelets are created with metal links of various sizes and shapes interlocked to each other. This style of bracelet is intended for daily use. It can be worn for any occasion like for office, meetings, casual dates, family functions, etc.

How to take care of Designer artificial bracelet

As we all know that artificial jewellery is amazing as well as a fantastic way to enhance an outfit. It also requires proper care to use for a longer period. Since imitation jewellery allows you to enjoy the luxuries of genuine metal and gems at a reasonable price, they have become a staple of fashion. Although the plated surface has a limited lifespan, it can be extended with the right care and precautions. By flowing some easy tips to keep your fashion jewellery looking fabulous, fresh, and intact while preventing your artificial bracelets and beads from breaking or tarnishing.

  •         Avoid your bracelet's contact with perfumes, deodorants, and sprays.
  •         Avoid taking bath while wearing it.
  •         Don’t keep your bracelet openly anywhere, keep it in a box safely.

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We emphasize adaptability. Therefore, we provide a wide variety of bracelets in various designs and materials. Regardless of whether you desire something delicate and feminine, we have what you need, whether you want something subtle or more overt. Buy Bracelets online from our newest collection come in a range of beautiful designs and a varied range of materials. In order to locate the ideal piece of the bracelet to complement your style, visit our new arrivals section to see our newest designs. You can select a bracelet that matches your look, style, and attire, no matter what it is. There is something in the handpicked selection of Miss Highness that perfectly matches your style statement. You can purchase a variety of designer bracelets online at a very affordable cost at Miss Highness. For women who care about fashion, we have a chic selection of American diamond, Kundan, pearl, and oxidized silver bracelets. Besides that, you may find a variety of fashion jewelry for women here, including necklaces, earrings, and bangles.

Miss Highness has Designer artificial bracelets at a low budget

To make sure that buying artificial bracelets doesn't hurt your wallet, our team works incredibly hard. By procuring directly from manufacturers, we can guarantee that our prices are reasonable. After all, dressing stylishly does not need having a sizable money account to get the greatest bracelets styles. When you purchase artificial bracelets from Miss Highness, you will always receive the best value for your money, which will significantly diversify your collection and enable you to enjoy getting dressed each day without worrying about the cost. Our selection of artificial designer bracelets, which come in sets and single pieces, may enhance any dress for any occasion.

So make sure to check out bracelets if you want to add a little elegance to your outfit. We hope you enjoy perusing our most recent selections. Shop with us to find the perfect bracelet to add some glitz to your wardrobe.

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What else you can buy at Miss Highness ?

Most ladies love bracelets as an accessory for their outfits. The woman's wrist and arms catch the eye thanks to the unique bracelet designs. The finest quality of artificial bracelets is that they complement different kinds of attire, from traditional to modern. If you're looking for bracelets for women, you should go no further than Miss Highness’s incredible variety of bracelets. You can buy trendy bracelets for ladies like Bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, pearl bracelets, and many more at Miss Highness. 

For yourself or a loved one, you may effortlessly get as much fashion jewellery as you need now. Our major goal is to offer our clients jewellery for every occasion. Miss Highness offers a variety of imitation jewellery items, including necklace sets for women, charm bracelets, pearl choker necklaces, and more. Additionally, you may get many styles of artificial earrings online, including hoop earrings and drop earrings. We have a large selection of Indian artificial jewellery, with all the above-mentioned fashion jewellery, you can also buy rings online for your engagement or for any other event. We provide a wide variety of artificial rings, including the latest designs in pearl, crystal, and American diamond rings.  

We have almost every type of jewellery, whether you're searching for one for everyday wear or something for a wedding. Both recent and timeless trends are represented in our collection of fashion jewellery. You can even buy artificial jewellery online according to the occasions at Miss Highness. We offer jewellery for parties, festivals, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Every piece of jewellery is created with the sophisticated preferences of the contemporary woman in mind.

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FAQ's for Bracelet

Q. What materials are used to create designer artificial bracelets?

There are countless design possibilities with bracelets, ranging from one design trend to another. One can opt to add adaptable bracelet designs to their collection according to

their tastes and preferences. Materials, including bronze, copper, stainless steel, and others, are frequently used to create artificial fashion bracelets. Plastic, hydro beads, crystals, metal, leather, stones, pearls, and other materials can be used to create fashionable bracelets. You will get handpicked selection of classy bracelets at Miss Highness.


Q. Which type of bracelets is ideal for daily wear?

The best bracelets should preferably be able to withstand the challenges that you may face on a daily basis. Such challenges include contact with water and sweat, exposure to air and dust, and any kind of rough and tough situation. In such cases, chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, and bangle bracelets are the best bracelet designs to handle all these types of challenges faced on a daily basis. These types of bracelets combine the strength of powerful metals while remaining cozy, comfortable, and feather-light weight.


Q. What bracelet style is popular these days?

A bracelet is one of those classic pieces of fashion jewellery that has not experienced many

alterations throughout the years. The elegance of a gorgeously crafted tennis bracelet with perfectly cut shining crystals and American diamonds is unmatched till today and is still one of the trendiest bracelet designs you can go for. On the other hand, chain bracelets are another class of highly fashionable designer bracelets that have endured in the eyes of fashion icons as well. Miss Highness will offer you the most stylish, trendiest, and classy bracelet options that you can buy at affordable rates.


Q. What is the durability of artificial bracelets for women?

The designer bracelet is one of the most well-liked jewellery items for women. The metal or alloy that is used to make artificial bracelets always affects how durable it is. Keeping your fashion bracelets properly stored may greatly extend their life, which is another crucial concept to consider when you buy bracelets online. The easiest approach to accomplish this is to store the designer bracelets in airtight boxes or packaging, high-quality cloth-lined boxes, and keep them out of moisture, sweat, perfume, sprays, and other chemicals. You can simply clean it with a soft and dry cloth. Apart from all that, artificial bracelets are

more durable than genuine precious metal bracelets as they are more delicate. At Miss Highness, you will get premium quality fashion bracelets that are more elegant and durable.


Q. How can I buy bracelets online from Miss Highness?

Buying designer bracelets online from Miss Highness is very simple. All you need to browse our latest selection of fashion bracelets on our official website, add the selected products you like to your cart, and then check out from the cart. After that, fill out the information given in that section, and select any of the given payment methods to pay from. Moreover, you can also apply a promo code (if any) while making a payment. It is just like shopping at any e-commerce website.

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