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Earrings are the most popular and well-liked piece of jewellery worn by ladies. Every lady has a different preference when it comes to choosing the various earrings, such as little studs for everyday use or stunning danglers for special occasions. From tiny earrings to lengthy earrings, earrings come in a variety of styles. Miss Highness has a broad selection of lovely artificial earrings online. Visit our website to get a distinctive selection of traditional earrings, American diamond earrings, Kundan earrings, temple earrings, daily wear earrings, party wear earrings for women, and many more.

Adorn Yourself With Designer Artificial Earrings

Women's earrings have traditionally been among the most important accessories. Most women have a great collection of earrings in their closets. Earrings are always a must-have, especially for Indian women, and they usually choose the ones that go with their clothing. A lot of women never leave the house without earrings. When wearing earrings, it is necessary to consider the situation and occasion and wear the appropriate earrings for that.

Your earrings should reflect your personality and your heart, respectively. Miss Highness guarantees to give top-notch designer earrings online. Regardless of your earring style and preference, thanks to our handpicked selection of exceptional earrings that passes through numerous quality checks. It's time to shine throughout each day of your life with fashionable earrings.

Types of Designer Earrings Online

Given their rich history and importance, it is only natural that they come in a variety of styles. There are a plethora of designs and patterns available at Miss Highness. Let’s have a look at some of the premium selections of the types of earrings we offer.

Jhumkas / Jhumki Earrings for Her

Jhumkas are a bell-shaped style of earrings that are among the most popular and classic style earrings in India. This motif, which is often fashioned of gold or silver, was first used as a decoration for idols in temples during the Chola era in India. Today, Jhumka Earrings are frequently embellished with artificial stones and various ornaments. These earrings can be worn with any ethnic dress. It can also be contrasted as a fusion with western outfits. Jhumkas complement any outfit, be it a saree, lehenga, or suit. Jhumkas are traditional statement earrings that are frequently worn in India at family gatherings.

A normal jhumka consists of two pieces. A link holds one piece in place on the ear lobe while a half-dome construction hangs from it. Small pearls, beads, crystals, meenakari, Kundan work, and more are the options for decorating the hanging portion. Jhumki earrings, which are a smaller variation, are a common daily jewellery for women. In recent years, silver jhumkis with an antique polish has also become more popular and ideal earrings for girls. These days, there has been a lot of demand for rose gold-plated jhumkas as well.

Chandbali Earrings for Her Online

Chandbali earrings are crescent moon-shaped earrings with droplets hanging from them. The lowest portion of this rounded or oval design has the appearance of a half-moon. The history of chandbali earrings dates back to the medieval era in Hyderabad, where they have endured. On the wedding day, Indian brides usually wear large Chandbali earrings. Modern designs have distinctive designs and patterns and look stunning when worn with sarees or Anarkali dresses. You can get chandbali Indian earrings in stunning patterns like American diamond chandbali earrings, Kundan chandbali earrings, pearl chandbali earrings, antique gold-plated chandbali earrings, and temple chandbali earrings at Miss Highness.

Stud Earrings for Girls Online

Typically, stud earrings are the first pair of earrings for girls. Stud earrings are little pieces of jewellery that are inserted through tiny holes in the earlobes. The size of stud earrings is relatively modest, making them very portable. When girls first begin accessorizing, these earrings are the ideal choice. They can be worn in your place of study or at work because they are seen as being quite official, simple, and modest. Pearl and diamond stud earrings are extremely popular in the market these days. They both don't put too much strain on the earlobes and are lightweight. Stud earrings are ideal for daily wear.

Stud earrings are incredibly elegant that flatter everyone and go with everything. Studs are available in several distinctive and fashionable patterns, from vintage-inspired motifs to vibrant patterns. You can buy earrings online from the lovely selection of ear tops at Miss Highness, including American diamond stud earrings, traditional top earrings, Kundan stud earrings, pearl tops, and various elegant ear studs.

Ear Cuffs for Girls Online

Ear cuffs, a contemporary take on the classic hoop earring style, are great for those girls and women who have several piercings. Nowadays, ear cuffs are quite popular as very trendy earrings for women. They resemble an ear-attached bobby pin. Ear cuffs are significantly different from the majority of other types of earrings. With additional support for the upper ear, they remain firmly in place along the entire length of the ear. Ear cuffs look great with any outfit. They come in both conventional and contemporary styles. Miss Highness offers stylish ear cuff designs at the most affordable prices. They can be coupled with stud or drop earrings and worn on the upper earlobe. They blend well with all contemporary attire and are incredibly comfy to wear. Silver Oxidized ear cuffs look sophisticated and dazzling when worn with monochromatic outfits in a neutral color.

Drop Earrings For Her Online

Drop earrings, which are also known as Danglers, are growing in popularity among fashion enthusiasts. This design is found in a variety of designer earrings. It is thought to be a fairly contemporary style and is frequently spotted on formal occasions. It looks stunningly elegant and classy when worn with a gown, formal outfits, or any type of Indo-Western clothing. Comparatively speaking, drop earrings are typically much longer than other styles of earrings. They frequently have crystals or fine American diamonds as decorations. Due to their long and thin design, these earrings need to shine brighter to catch people's attention easily. Chandelier earrings are an alternative to drop earrings or danglers. They have several tassels fashioned with American diamonds or crystals in large, striking designs. They can be ideal for extremely significant family functions or special meetings.

Hoop Earrings for Her Online

Another earring design that has been popular for a long time is the hoops earrings. The world has been captivated by these straightforward circular earrings for the past decades. Baali rings are another name for these earrings. These are the baalis that we have heard since birth. From generation to generation, these earrings used to be the standard as gold earrings. These are simple earrings but very elegant that can be worn on a daily basis. Interesting changes have occurred in the development of hoop earrings. On the other hand, hoop earrings have developed into large, minimalist statement items in modern fashion. From small rings to large rings, hoops are available in various options. These earrings go pretty well with western clothing. Due to their lightweight, portability, and ability to match virtually any outfit, hoop earrings have become quite popular. Large oxidized metal hoops are available for an Indo-Western fusion look, while classic gold hoops are available for a timeless ethnic style.

Thread / Tassel Earrings For Her Online

Thread earrings are made up of one or more thin chains, which are often longer and can extend deep below the earlobe. The enticing earring styles of today include long tassels, beaded, and silk thread earrings, to name a few. These earrings go with any type of attire, but they look especially lovely with flowy dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. These handcrafted, elaborate earrings are composed of silk thread as well. Earrings made of thread are lightweight and portable. Tassel thread earrings are currently popular in the market.

Earrings Components

Earlier, only gold or silver was used for jewellery. Nowadays, fashion earrings are available in a variety of new materials, thanks to modern designs and technologies. Due to their affordability and durability, Austrian crystal or American diamond earrings are currently surpassing diamond earrings in terms of popularity. In addition to that, now modern designer earrings come in multiple colors rather than just diamonds. A broad range of synthetic gemstones is employed in designs to add color to earrings designs. Complementing with large necklaces, artificial designer earrings are ideal for wearing to parties.

Pearl earrings are becoming trendier as a piece of jewellery for a perfect business outfit look. The most popular items in this category continue to be some of our pearl earrings. They can also be worn with a complementary pendant necklace to complete the attire.

The conventional gold-plated earrings are now available in a variety of hues, such as rose gold and rhodium finish. In recent years, Kundan earrings in the form of designer Jhumka earrings, large danglers, or chandbali designs have returned and are in high demand among fashion enthusiasts.

Buy artificial earrings online that suit your face

We've created a thorough guide on what kinds of earrings complement various facial shapes. Here, we've condensed the advice from our style specialists.

Round Face: Long drop or dangle earrings for a round face

Diamond Face: Stud or chandelier earrings that are bigger at the bottom

Square Face: Oval-shaped earrings, hoops, or chandbalis go best with the square face

Heart Shape Face: Drop earrings best fits with the face with a heart shape face

Oval Face: Any earrings look good on an oval-shaped face.

How to buy perfect earrings online according to the occasion? 

Unlike selecting an outfit for a particular occasion, selecting a perfect earring needs a bit of consideration. It just goes perfectly with your outfit in the best possible way. Considering the type of occasion while selecting the right earring is the most important factor. For your instance, a flashy or heavy pair of Jhumka earrings and big danglers are the best fit for any special occasion such as a wedding or family function. You need to go for lighter designs like tiny studs, hoop earrings, or simple drop earrings while going to work or college. To have a perfect party look, you can go for the statement-making American diamond or pearl earrings with shoulder-length tassel earrings or long drop earrings.

Where to Buy Earrings Online?

There are various earring designs available at various costs that can be found online. It is quite challenging to find fashion jewellery of premium quality none other than Miss Highness. If you are looking to buy earrings online, you are in the right place. The greatest online jewellery store for purchasing earrings is Miss Highness.

We are proud of the high caliber and attractiveness of our products. Our designer earring pricing is fairly fair considering the quality and workmanship. There is no middleman, which enables us to do that. We deliver the fashion earrings to you straight from our facilities. We don't sell on marketplaces or have any franchisees because of this. We offer free shipping throughout India.

The designers of Indian jewelry come up with amazing and exclusive styles day by day that you can check out for inspiration. Miss Highness has some of the most pocket-friendly designer earring options to choose from. Whatever the occasion is, you will surely get the perfect piece of earrings to draw the attention of the people at any occasion. You may shop a variety of trendy earrings from Miss Highness at a reasonable price. We keep you informed on the most recent earrings fashion trend. Keep checking back for more unique earring designs. Happy jewellery shopping!

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What else you can buy at Miss Highness

According to popular belief, a woman's jewellery choice best defines who she is. Since ancient times, jewellery has played a significant role in the attractiveness of Indian women. Each piece of fashion jewellery has a unique history to tell, which is reflected in the precise artistry and it best highlights your personality. Artificial earrings are the most dramatic item you will ever wear, it completes your appearance and provides your whole appearance with a suitable look. Make sure your jewellery box has all of the essential pieces of imitation jewellery you need to get ready for any occasion. 

You may easily shop for as much fashion jewellery as you need for yourself or for your loved ones. Our primary goal is to provide jewellery to our customers for every occasion. Miss Highness offers a wide variety of imitation jewellery, such as American diamond necklace, heavy bracelets for ladies, artificial bridal jewellery set, and more. Additionally, you may purchase a variety of artificial earrings online, such as hoops and drop earrings. We offer a vast collection of Indian artificial jewellery, and in addition to the fashion jewellery listed above, you can also buy rings online for a wedding or any other event. Our extensive selection of artificial rings includes the most modern styles in pearl, crystal, and many latest ring design. 

Earrings offer you a fresh look, enhance your style, and make your face appear more attractive. It may be really difficult to explore the market looking for that one ideal pair of earrings because there are so many different types of earrings for girls available in the market. But now you all can buy traditional earrings, jewellery earrings, and various types of artificial earrings online thanks to Miss Highness. 

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FAQ's For Earrings

Q. Are fashion earrings durable?

Fashion earrings are typically crafted from base metals like silver oxidized, alloys, brass, copper, or aluminum because of their robustness. Therefore, if used and preserved properly, these artificial earrings may readily withstand the test of time. Artificial earrings can last longer if they are carefully treated and kept in good quality cloth-lined jewellery cases that are provided by us. It will prevent them from coming into direct contact with air, and dust, keeping their shine and gloss for a longer period of time. You should also avoid exposing your artificial earrings to perfume, sprays, soap, or any chemicals.

Q. From where we can find the best selection of designer earrings online?

There is a huge demand for designer earrings online and on various platforms in the fashion market. You can find the latest, trendiest, and fashionable designer earrings online at Miss Highness. It is one of the top online retailers of designer earrings, and offers the most exquisite styles in the high-end quality materials, with exquisite packaging, and round a clock quality customer service.

Q. What type of fashion earrings are popular these days?

A popular style that changes from year to year is hoop earrings. For everyday use, sleek hoop earrings in gold and silver are still fashionable in all sizes, and American diamond hoop earrings can really dress up an outfit for any occasion. Apart from that, small stud earrings, drop earrings, dangle earrings, and ear cuffs are some of the most fashionable earrings right now as well. These earrings come in a wide range of styles and hues and go well with all kinds of outfits.

Q. How to choose the best fashion earrings?

The best way to select the ideal earrings is to consider the wearer's face shape, outfit, occasion, and, most significantly, personality and lifestyle. While the face shape defines the style of earrings that may be best matched, the color of the earrings is determined by the color complexion and attire. One must closely observe the characteristics of the person in addition to making sure that all of these factors are met in order to choose and treasure the best earring that is an ideal choice for them.

Q. Which type of earrings should wear with pearl necklaces?

A matching pair of pearl earrings is one of the best options to choose from. Apart from that, for the best combination geometric earrings are the greatest types of earrings to wear with a pearl necklace. You can also go for metallic hoop earrings or chandelier earrings combined with American diamonds, depending on the size of your necklace. 

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