Kundan Jewellery For Weddings: The Best Choice For Brides

Kundan Jewellery For Weddings

Women prefer to wear jewellery that enhances their beauty and makes them look charming, especially on their wedding day. They want to make an investment in some classic jewellery that they can keep to themselves for a very long time and treasure the memories of that day. The bride-to-be may look attractive and stylish wearing Kundan jewellery for weddings, and they can also wear it to any celebration they need to attend in near future. 

What is Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is a type of gold-plated jewellery that typically has a wax core. Since the word "Kundan" itself refers to highly refined pure gold, this kind of jewellery often uses 24k pure gold. One of the oldest types of jewellery in India, Kundan jewellery has a long history dating back more than 2,500 years. Only the Jadayi portion is done in 24-carat gold since it is slightly softer than other metals. Kundan making is often known as Jadau jewellery. These days there is Artificial Jewellery, which has a premium look with many unique designs and colours at a pocket-friendly rate. 

History Of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is one of the earliest types of jewellery made in India, with origins in the Rajput and Mughal eras. The Mughals' support allowed this style to flourish when it was introduced to the nation many years ago. Royal families in India successfully adopted it after then. The creativity and workmanship from the Mughal and Rajput eras may still be seen in this type of jewellery today. 

Reasons To Buy Kundan Jewellery For Weddings

Before you visit a jewellery store to buy artificial jewellery online, you might wonder why you should spend money on premium Kundan jewellery. Here are some justifications for why you should have some timeless Kundan jewellery in your collection or why you need to wear them on your wedding day. 

Feel Like A Queen

The best strategy to get a royal appearance on your wedding day is to acquire some lovely Kundan jewellery specially made for the occasion. It will undoubtedly offer you the exceptional and royal appearance you have always wished to have on this special day. Wearing jewellery on the day might give you a princess-like feeling as well. Try to get jewellery that enhances your appearance and matches your wedding dresses. You may always purchase large pieces of Kundan jewellery, which will make you feel happy that same day. 

Pocket-Friendly Rates

Most people think that purchasing Kundan jewellery requires going above your budget, but you can do so at a pocket-friendly rate. Try to purchase relatively small amounts of Kundan jewellery for weddings to make them more affordable or to fit them into your desired budget. Always try to purchase items from reputable retailers like Miss Highness, since there will be less of a possibility that you will be scammed. Additionally, you may purchase bulky Kundan jewellery while maintaining a certain spending limit for wedding Kundan jewellery. Buy a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and a necklace that goes perfectly with the bridal outfit. 

Available In A Variety Of Forms

Kundan jewellery for weddings is available in a lot of forms. From bridal Kundan necklaces to Kundan maang tikas. Kundan bracelets to Kundan Payal. Kunda jewellery comes in a variety of designs. In addition to this, the charm of this vintage jewellery style can also be seen in Kundan chokers, rings, cuffs, nose rings, armlets and headpieces like passa. Kundan is often used to make statement chains and pendants. In addition to these, it also has amazing patterns and designs including floral, animal, petal, and celestial body designs. One cannot stop themselves after seeing the Kundan Jewellery for weddings collection by Miss Highness

It Is Alluring And Loved By Indian Brides

Kundan jewellery sets are a favourite among Indian women since weddings seek luxury and elegance. Such is their creativity that even Bollywood diva stars like Shilpa Shetty, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, and Kareena Kapoor wore Kundan jewellery sets on their wedding days. Kundan jewellery for weddings may be worn with both traditional and modern attire, such as dresses, gowns, and shirts, because of its versatility. 

It Is Possibly The Oldest Type Of Jewelry-Making In India

From the 16th century onward, during the Mughal Empire, the desire for Kundan jewellery began to take shape. The courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat employed skilled artisans to focus their talents on the production of jewellery set with gems and exquisite gold. The popularity of handcrafted Kundan jewellery exceeded all borders due to its royal and classy beauty. It is now one of the most exquisite ethnic jewellery items a woman may ever own. 

It Is Widely Accessible In The Form Of Imitation Jewellery

Genuine Kundan jewellery might cost anywhere between INR 50,000 and INR 5,000,000. However, these items may be found online as artificial Kundan jewellery because they are highly fashionable and in high demand. These designer jewellery pieces are excellent alternatives to genuine gold and gemstone Kundan jewellery since they are artificial jewellery and can be purchased online for a much-reduced price. Even while these aren't true investments, their attractiveness is enough to make any outfit seem better. You can easily buy the best artificial Kundan jewellery online at Miss Highness. 

Now that you know all about Kundan jewellery for weddings, do you think that Kundan jewellery will always be in fashion? Let its charm attract the public as you shine more brilliantly than the others. This is the best any bride can wear on a special day. 

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