Taking Care Of Silver Oxidised Jewellery Online

Taking Care Of Silver Oxidised Jewellery Online

Hey Beauties, do you want to brighten up your look and feel? Add oxidised jewellery to your wardrobe to instantly complete any understated ensemble. It is adaptable, distinctive, and goes well with both ethnic and western outfits. If properly preserved, this gorgeous oxidised jewellery online, which is chic and trendy, not only enhances your style but also last for many years. When it comes to fashion accessories, fading of the polish and lustre is a very typical issue, and artificial jewellery is no exception. This kind of jewellery is delicate and needs the best care and maintenance to last longer. 

Is Oxidised Silver Real?

No, not at all. Since real silver is so strong, oxidising the surface is quite difficult. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is much better suited for oxidation. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure, with the remaining 7.5% made up of impurities like copper and other substances. Since sterling silver is so pure, the oxidation process frequently takes a lengthy time. This problem is not present when working with plated silver, which scarcely contains any minerals. Oxidation could be a concern if your silver plated jewellery contains rhodium. Your jewellery can always be re-oxidized, although plated silver isn't the greatest material for the process. 

Can Oxidized Silver Be Renewed?

Yes, after time, oxidised silver does lose its shine. This is a result of normal, unavoidable wear and tear from daily use. Although it is simple to resolve this problem on your own, we advise seeing a jeweller to prevent making any mistakes that could harm your jewellery.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Oxidised Jewellery

Do you have a huge collection of such exquisite pieces that you want to extend their life? But are you still unclear about where to begin? Don't worry about it, we are here with some tips and suggestions to maintain your silver oxidised jewellery for a very long time. 

Clean Your Oxidised Jewellery Before Storing

One of the key things you can do to extend the life of your oxidised jewellery necklace set is to clean your jewellery items before storing them. Sweating mostly alters the colour of jewellery, making it appear lifeless and dirty. It is thus advised to clean off all of the moisture from your oxidised necklace and put it in different places. To prevent unneeded scratches, always put them in their unique pouches in a different slot of your jewellery cabinet.

Avoid Wearing Oxidized Jewellery While Sweating Excessively

Fashion jewellery is quite complicated, thus it should not be worn when engaging in intense activities like cooking, working out, swimming, or doing other home duties. Because of the sophistication of these jewellery items, keep them away from prolonged exposure to heat, water, or sunshine in order to prevent fading and discolouration. Do not wear your heavy oxidised jewellery when you are sweating excessively. 

Keep Your Oxidised Jewellery Safe In The Pouch

If you really want your oxidised accessories to be your enduring fashion companions, always store them in a zip-lock pouch to preserve their timeless appearance. Keep oxidised jewellery in airtight pouches (we deliver our jewellery with an air-tight zip lock pouch) to prevent tarnishing as they are more prone to oxidation when exposed to excessive oxygen. However, if the bag tears or you lose it, you may still keep your jewellery in a cloth-lined jewellery box without worrying. You may also wrap the delicate cloth over your priceless items to preserve their gloss and brilliance. Anti-tarnish paper is another option for protecting jewellery from excess oxidation.

It's Crucial To Separate

Frankly speaking, pearls cannot be kept in the same manner as gold. Typically, when you buy artificial jewellery online from Miss Highness, you will receive specialised zip-lock pouches to store your jewellery in it. Each of them is made with the proper finish to safeguard that particular piece of jewellery. Some have incredibly soft fabrics, while others offer anti-tarnish features. These bags offer the best defence against harm to your precious and lovable jewellery. Each piece of imitation jewellery is special and has its own characteristics, thus they must be stored separately. Do not store several pieces of jewellery in the same box. Keep numerous cases or jewellery boxes to restrict your jewellery from moving around and getting damaged. 

Wear Your Jewellery Last When Getting Dressed

Even the most basic outfits have a touch of elegance when accessorised with a pair of oxidised earrings, which also easily glams up your appearance. Always wear your jewellery once you have completed getting dressed if you want to wear them for a much longer time. To protect the longevity of your most cherished fashion jewellery items, keep them away from lotions, perfumes, and makeup accessories. 

Placement Is The Most Important

The positioning of artificial jewellery is very important and must be done correctly. Jewellery is delicate and should never be kept free in a drawer since it is likely to shatter. The ideal place to keep your favourite oxidised accessories is in a jewellery cabinet. Statement necklaces that hang and lengthy earrings that dangle need to be stored properly to prevent tangling. To prevent the thread from straining, necklaces made of separate beads or stones strung together should be put flat. Consider the importance of perfect placement while arranging your trendy fashion jewellery online.

Stop Coating Your Accessories

Coating your fashion jewellery may provide a touch of beauty for a short time, but it will have a negative influence on your favourite items in the long term. Whether you use high-quality materials to change their colour or to make them shine, they will be harmed and lose their lustre for the rest of their lives. You are advised to buy some new oxidised jewellery online from Miss Highness. Try making a new collection that matches your clothing to your wardrobe rather than coating your jewellery. 

Artificial Jewellery Is Not Intended For Everyday Use

Sad yet true!! The oxidised necklace set is not intended for daily use, so wearing it on special occasions extends its life. To prevent fading and discolouration, try to give your favourite accessories an occasional rest. Choosing different necklace for girls for various outfits not only improves your style but also extends the life of your jewellery items.

Avoid Using Jewellery Cleaners

The majority of jewellery cleaners are harsh on fashion accessories and are designed for cleaning jewellery made of fine gold, silver, or platinum. Therefore, it is strongly advised to not use such cleansers. Choose natural alternatives instead, such as baking soda, toothpaste, etc. Your oxidised necklace may be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Additionally, black polish of some kind is usually added to oxidised jewellery to give it the alleged "oxidised" appearance. After you start wearing this piece of modern jewellery, the polish tends to peel off for a few times. However, there is no need to worry, since this is quite typical.


This is all you need to care about. You generally won't need to clean your oxidised silver all that frequently, depending on the sort of jewellery you have. However, it is crucial to keep oxidised jewellery out of the sun while not in use. This is because prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is known to cause silver's hue to fade. If you truly enjoy the vintage appearance, you may always buy oxidised jewellery online from Miss Highness. It makes sense to maximise the use of pricey artificial necklace set and high-end accessories after spending a lot of money on them. The lifespan of your jewellery is actually dependent on how you preserve it. With these hints and methods, you may breathe new life into your favourite bracelets, classy earrings, or fashionable necklaces while maintaining their classy sheen and striking look.