Get Inspirations From Bollywood Divas for Fashion Jewelley Styling Ideas

Fashion Jewelley

How much of your fashion inspiration comes from Instagram? We all look for inspiration from the celebrities and fashion icons we like, as this is one of the easiest ways to style check. Bollywood is hugely popular in India. Bollywood movies and movie stars have an unmatched appeal to Indian audiences.

Nothing beats Bollywood actresses when it comes to the traditional look. We refer to both on-screen and off-screen, by the way. Bollywood is the best source for fashion jewellery styling ideas, from subtle casual style to extravagant bridal looks. The fact that fashion jewelry is one thing both these celebs and the rest of us can agree on. Designer imitation jewellery is quite attractive, make a bold statement, and helps us stand out from the crowd, so it goes without saying that we all adore them.

So, are you ready to take inspiration from these Bollywood beauties? Feel free to stalk them for inspiration and any more details. Let’s check it out!


Madhuri Dixit – Ruby Necklace

There is no denying that Madhuri is one of the finest actresses as well as having the most stylish and graceful personality. The ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl is still a heartthrob for many people. Even after so many years, she still carries the same charm and beauty. Check out her pink ruby necklace designs that perfectly complement her saree and her elegance. A picture-perfect look for any special occasion. You can find a bit similar design in fashion jewelley at Miss Highness

Anushka Sharma – Bridal Jewellery

Anushka Sharma with her ever-flawless style stood out in ‘Ae Dil Hae Mushkil’ and extremely fabulous bridal jewellery that she paired with her traditional bridal attire. The Kundan Necklace she wore for the song in the movie is the desire of any would-be bride. The necklace she wore was beautifully crafted and embellished with polki, kundan, and emeralds. She wore matching kundan earrings and the entire look was simply gorgeous. Apart from that, the way Anushka Sharma sparkled during her wedding will inspire you to raise your jewelry game. The traditional bridal set she wore for her own wedding is everything any girl would ever dream of. The bridal set includes layered necklaces of a Choker and a long necklace, matha Patti, jhumkas, pearls, pink spinel, etc.


Aishwarya Rai Jewellery in Jodha Akbar               

Consider the exquisite choker necklace that, after being worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the movie - Jodha Akbar, were universally recognized as the most perfect bridal jewelry. Jodhaa Akbar was a true masterpiece with its huge sets and detailed cinematography. The jewelry in this movie was another striking aspect. Not only were lavish like the palaces and the outfits, but they were also excellent inspirations for wedding jewelry. Despite the fact that the majority of us cannot afford but the way the necklaces were layered and combined provided us with jewellery styling ideas for similar pieces. They also served as excellent creative inspiration for individuals who make traditional artificial jewellery.


Sonam Kapoor – Kundan Necklace

We all know that Sonam Kapoor, a 36-year-old Bollywood star, has a good sense of fashion. She has become a fashion icon for all of us thanks to her parts in Bollywood movies, but she actually has an even better sense of style off-screen. Our admiration for Sonam Kapoor's excellent sense of style knows no bounds. Each outfit and jewelry she wore, even for the wedding festivities, was a fantasy come true in and of itself. It's a stunning Kundan necklace with pearls and polka work from it that stands out beautifully against her outfits. What a unique and contemporary look, don't you think?


Alia Bhatt – Designer Earrings

Whether it is on-screen or off-screen, Alia Bhatt typically has a girl-next-door look. Nobody in Bollywood is a finer source of fashion ideas for a variety of audiences. She always dresses simply yet elegantly when it comes to jewellery. We are still in amazement at her ability to consistently pull it off at different events, don't you think? Look at her choice of designer fashion earrings that she can easily carry with their outfits with grace.

After seeing these Bollywood beauties, you probably spent a lot of time searching for the greatest collection of designer fashion jewellery for your upcoming event or occasion. Check out some excellent fashion jewellery collections at Miss Highness to get the ideal match for you. Keep checking back for the latest updates on fashion trends in jewellery styling ideas, advice, and more!