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Temple jewellery sets are pieces of jewellery that are designed to portray gods and goddesses. It showcases the history and tradition of southern India since the jewellery is so beautiful and unique. Temple jewellery collection is as elaborate and detailed as its past, which is a lot to say for a piece of jewellery that is expertly created. In southern India, several villages make temple jewellery. They are all skilled artisans who have spent years polishing their art and achieving mastery in the creation of ornaments that stand for devotion and faith. 

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Temple jewellery is inspired by temple patterns and designs and is suitable for special events, festivals and weddings. It is simple to pair with ethnic dresses to complete the look. Some items can also be worn with western clothing to create an indo-western look. The magnificent pearl temple jewellery collection that is offered by Miss Highness at their online store feature some stunning pieces of jewellery for everyone. The temple jewellery necklacetemple jewellery mangalsutra, temple earrings and the whole temple jewellery collection available at Miss Highness will mesmerise you totally. 

Temple Jewellery For Brides

Your wedding will have a special, traditional touch with the addition of a temple jewellery set. Wear an item like the Gold Plated Royal Choker Necklace Set decorated with stones and pearls on your wedding day. Any colour ensemble would work well with the Gold Plated royal choker necklace set from Miss Highness. Despite its straightforward design, there are still many temple jewellery set for marriage at Miss Highness. This brand offers a wide variety of styles that can be worn as a temple jewellery bridal set

Adorn Yourself With Temple Jewellery Set

Temple jewellery sets for marriage are pieces of jewellery that have been around for generations and portray the gods and goddesses of southern India. They are specially designed with accuracy. The goddess Durga or Rani Padmini is the one who is most commonly represented on most pieces of jewellery. The majority of temple communities still appreciate and respect these works of art since it is thought that divine beings find them charming and attractive. You can also wear traditional temple jewellery sets on holidays and other special occasions to invoke divine benefits. 

History And Origin Of Temple Jewellery Set

Temple jewellery gold sets are thought to have their earliest roots in the Chola Dynasty of South India. It is said that the jewellery was firstly used to decorate the idols of deities and after that, the royals of the region used it as an inspiration for the style and form of decoration on the jewellery. Temple jewellery is different from other types of jewellery due to its history and symbolic meaning. For Hindus, it is still a symbol of status. 

With time, temple jewellery sets began to change from decorative to practical items. The bride and groom's shrine took it a step further and began producing temple jewellery sets as people began to wear silver and gold instead of wood for temples. Temple jewellery sets, unlike other types, were made to be seen from all perspectives, and as a result, as time went on, they grew more beautiful. Now, this is the new trend and everyone is loving this type of jewellery. 

Temple Jewellery as Fashion Jewellery

These days, ladies use temple jewellery sets to up their style sense on regular days rather than only on special events. Women who want to flaunt a fully amazing appearance appreciate it for sure. Temple jewellery is made in really interesting ways, and wearing it not only makes one seem more glamorous but also makes people fall for them. 

Buy Temple Jewellery Online

If you want to buy a piece of temple jewellery set online, just visit the online store of Miss Highness. A magnificent temple jewellery necklace can be found as part of a set or as a solo piece on our website. For your convenience, Miss Highness offers sets with necklaces in different lengths and designs, so you may pick what you prefer. Temple jewellery looks lovely when worn with ethnic clothing. 

Most of the temple jewellery collection has a gold finish on them, which makes them look more attractive and charming. The temple jewellery sets online are also a good gift to offer someone. The gold-plated pearl necklace set from the Temple Jewellery collection is a classic yet an attractive style that will be appreciated and worn on all special occasions. Along with the temple jewellery collection, Bharatanatyam jewellery and nagas jewellery are also great options for gifts on upcoming festivals or special occasions.

Choose From The Wide Range Of Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery comes in a number of styles, and because Indian classical dancers wear it so regularly, it is also popularly known as Bharatanatyam jewellery. It is mostly separated into two groups. The first type is referred to as ordinary temple jewellery and is typically worn by ladies during formal occasions including weddings, baby showers, and traditional festivals. At these events, jewellery including earrings, bangles, chains, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, rings, and toe rings are mostly worn by ladies. 

The second type of jewellery is known as occasional temple jewellery, and it is particularly worn by Bharatanatyam dancers and brides on their wedding days during dance performances. Anklets, armlets, hair decorations, waist belts, hip chains, and nose rings are among the pieces of jewellery that are frequently worn on these occasions. Below, we will mention some important and popular pieces of temple jewellery, which you can buy at Miss Highness. 

  • Temple Jewellery Necklace and Temple Jewellery Choker: Chokers and temple jewellery necklaces are very important pieces of jewellery used by ladies to accentuate the beauty of their necks and bring honour to special events. The temple jewellery necklaces, temple jewellery mangalsutra and temple jewellery chokers are shiny and attractive, thanks to the use of different precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls. These jewels also represent Goddess Lakshmi, which makes them more valuable.
  •  Temple Jewellery Chains: The most well-liked pieces of temple jewellery collection are temple chains, which are mainly designed to enhance a woman's beauty. These chains come in both long and short lengths, depending on the wearer’s requirements and the style that goes best with their outfit. The charm of the temple chains is enhanced by the usage of several beautiful jewels, including pearls, kemps, and rubies. In South India, long chains are referred to as harams, and patterns such as strings of gold coins, flowers, rudraksha stones, and statues of Hindu deities are sometimes used to enhance their charm. These jewellery are mainly made for festive and wedding occasions. 
  • Temple Jewellery Bangles: The most important piece of jewellery for a married lady are her temple jewellery bracelets and bangles, and everyone dreams of having a pair of temple jewellery bangles. This jewellery comes in a broad range of styles, from hefty wristbands to hanging ones. People prefer to wear hanging bell bracelets that have been tied to them during weddings and other festive events. 
  • Temple Jewellery Rings and Toe Rings: Temple rings and toe rings come in a broad range of styles and are decorated with both precious and semi-precious stones. The use of figures of gods or goddesses as centrepieces has increased significantly during the past few decades. These temple jewellery rings are expertly created to give the jewellery a gorgeous appearance and make it more attractive. As the name indicates, toe rings are often made of silver and are worn on the toes by ladies, to get a complete look. 
  • Temple Jewellery Armlets: Temple armlets have become a status symbol for brides who wear them on their wedding day. It is accessible with attachable classic armlets or with threads to wrap around the arms. These armlets are made in the style of a temple sanctuary while keeping in mind their historical significance. Goddess Lakshmi is commonly placed in the centre to further boost the design's beautiful look.
  • Temple Jewellery Anklets: Most temple anklets are made of silver as the base metal and are covered in gold to give them a dazzling appearance. These are the main highlights of a classical dancer who wears heavy anklets with ornaments on their feet, despite the fact that regular ladies still use them on festive occasions.
  • Temple hair accessories: Temple hair accessories are comprised of gold-plated silver and decorated with kemp stones, pearls, and other semi-precious stones to offer traditional dancers classical beauty and extraordinary elegance. Brides often use it to give themselves a lovely charm. These temple hair accessories are tied from the peak of the head to the end of the ponytail.
  • Temple Jewellery Nose Rings: Since ancient times, nose rings have been a crucial component of the jewellery worn by women in India. However, on some festive occasions, classical dancers, brides, and other females choose to wear temple nose rings made of gold or artificial elements and adorned with pearls and Kundan stones. 
  • Temple Jewellery Hip Chains: A magnificent occasion accessory is a temple hip chain. This piece of jewellery is also from the bridal collection. For example, they can be ordered with gemstone studs and pearl or trinket decorations for a more attractive appearance. When it comes to temple jewellery Hip chains, they are also decorated with the goddess Lakshmi, as well as peacocks, elephants, and other animals.
  • Temple Jewellery Earrings: Earrings are the most valuable item of any jewellery set. A jewellery set is not complete without matching earrings. Temple jewellery jhumkas are the most popular, especially with bell-shaped patterns. It is offered in both plain gold and a customised version with many jewels cut into it. The main stones used to make the patterns are kemp stones or rubies, and small pearls to make them more elegant. Both the basic gold and the artificial temple jewellery earrings are best to wear. 

A Style Guide - How To Choose The Perfect Temple Earrings: 

Temple jewellery is created in a variety of God and Goddess shapes. Cut and uncut stones, both precious and semi-precious, are used in their construction. Shopping for jewellery requires careful consideration, strategic investment, and a commitment to personal choice. Every lady wants to beautify her jewellery collection with the newest designs while still making investments in classic items that will never go out of style. These days, buying temple jewellery online has become an easier task with Miss Highness. However, while looking for jewellery, your focus should be to choose classic items that can be worn regularly without going out of style. If you're thinking of purchasing Temple earrings, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Temple earring that will never go out of style. 

  • Pearls are everlasting: When it comes to jewellery styling, pearls are always in trend. It adds the finest elegance to your appearance and complements both modern dresses and light designer outfits. Temple earrings may be a great addition to your collection because they have been fashioned with gleaming white pearls. Such pearl and temple earrings are available at Miss Highness, you can simply buy them from our website. 
  • Stones are the best: The greatest options available for earrings designs that may be worn frequently are made of stone jewellery. They are ornate, vibrant stones that may highlight your personality and express your sense of style. Because of the variety of colours available, stone temple jewellery is becoming more popular. You have a wide range of stone alternatives, from turquoise to amber, that you would not find elsewhere. Just go to Miss Highness and shop for your favourite temple rings online. 
  • Temple Earrings inspired by Classic Earrings: Temple earrings are also picking some styles from modern classy earrings to better suit the public and customers. There are many temple earrings online, which are merged and inspired by other classic jewellery. This type of earring is not gonna out of trend in the near years. 
  • Silver saves the day: A small piece of silver will never appear too ordinary or outdated, no matter what the occasion is. Also, there are tiny, elegant and sophisticated temple earrings at Miss Highness that might add a touch of dignity to your personality. These silver temple earrings combine temple patterns to produce a lovely look that can be worn to many celebrations and events. 
  • Fashionable Gold-plated temple earrings: You can also look for gold-plated earrings with various stone decorations when buying temple earrings online to give the carved structures a shine. All the shapes and structures, whether they represent the goddess Lakshmi or another luck sign, truly sparkle when they are covered in gold. Temple jewellery jhumkas in gold are also considered trendy jewellery. 
  • According to the occasion: You can be the charm for any outfit and any event by wearing any from the temple earring collection, which is so good-looking and charming, that everyone will fall in love with your piece of temple jewellery. These jewellery are commonly used as a piece of wedding jewellery because they are quite heavy and not suitable for daily use. But when this type of jewellery is paired with pendants and thin bracelets, they look good with both western and Indo-Western fusion clothing. These earrings look best when worn with very minimal jewellery. These alluring temple jewellery jhumkas come in many sizes, allowing the smaller ones to be worn comfortably and regularly with casual dresses. You can simply choose the ideal temple earring online for every occasion on Miss Highness. 

Taking Care Of Your Temple Jewellery

Gold jewellery is quite expensive but requires less care. The majority of chemical reactions and corrosion are highly resistant to gold. So, the biggest challenge with Gold is to keep them safe from thieves. For imitation or artificial temple jewellery, the situation is just the opposite. 

  • Applying lotion to dry skin should be done with care because exposure to these chemicals might fade your temple jewellery. Avoid spraying deodorants and fragrances on your temple jewellery collection. 
  • Always keep in mind to clean your temple jewellery sets using a brush. If the brush has hard bristles, the temple jewellery could be harmed. Avoid using any sharp items so that the dirt could be removed without damaging any part. 

Miss Highness sends jewellery with a lovely box and a pouch to keep your jewellery safe and secure. Always keep your temple jewellery in that pouch and box, to maintain the shine of your jewellery.

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Everything you will find at Miss Highness

These days, Indian temple jewellery set is very popular. They immediately give us a majestic and royal character. It was created to give the jewels a vintage touch. Brides prefer and use them in a very good amount. Indian women enjoy wearing jewellery with designs of goddess idols. These days, Indian women are extremely interested in it. Goddess Lakshmi is a highly well-known and well-liked example of such a popular jewellery design. Other idols, such as Krishna, peacocks, swans, and flowers are also added to create temple jewellery. 

At Miss Highness, we provide stunning, high-quality fashion jewellery online. You can easily shop for the newest jewellery trends at our online store. In addition to Temple jewellery, we also offer jewellery made of other materials, Kundan jewellery, American diamond jewellery, and the most popular oxidised jewellery. However, this is not the end, Miss Highness still has an extensive collection of jewellery, ranging from bridal jewellery sets to festival jewellery. Additionally, we provide some incredible imitation jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets for women, temple earrings, and a couple of the greatest antique temple jewellery set for marriage. Buying temple jewellery online is now quite simple, thanks to the amazing options provided by Miss Highness. 

These temple jewellery designs are a favourite among professional dancers and painters. Our Indian temple jewellery collection is outstanding here at Miss Highness. Bring back your ethnic charm with these lovely temple jewellery sets from Miss Highness, which instantly give you a heavenly appearance. Don't hesitate to start shopping now and get one of these stunning items from our online store. 

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FAQ's For Temple Jewellery

Q 1: What is Temple Jewellery? 

A: Temple jewellery was traditionally used to decorate the idols of Gods and Goddesses. Temple jewellery collection comes in a wide variety of styles. They come with stones, emeralds, and with beads and pearls. There are several beautiful forms that may be seen in temple jewellery. For example, hip chains, finger chains, finger rings, toe rings, jhumkas, and many more. 

Q 2: Is Temple Jewellery a responsible investment choice?

A: Temple jewellery is a kind of jewellery that is classic and timeless, therefore buying these items is always a wise investment. 

Q 3: What is unique about Temple jewellery?

A: Temple jewellery is made up of mainly gold or silver, but these days when temple jewellery is in fashion trend, these are also artificially made using some metals. This type of temple jewellery set does not contain any diamonds or gemstones. Each item of temple jewellery is artistically created, which is its primary feature. It is stated that a south Indian bride isn't fully ready until she wears some temple jewellery. 

Q 4: Can we wear Temple jewellery on regular basis? 

A: Yes, you can wear temple jewellery on regular basis. This type of jewellery is usually bulky, but temple jewellery is in trend now. So, the makers are also manufacturing jewellery of lightweight for youngsters to use comfortably on regular basis. 

Q 5: From where I can buy the best Temple jewellery online?

A: Miss Highness is definitely the best place if you want to add some unique designs to make your collection a perfect one. You don't need a bunch of jewellery that only matches a few outfits. Instead, choose timeless temple jewellery sets that complement nearly all of your ethnic dresses. These items may be used often and in a variety of different ways, and they never seem antiquated. If you don't already have a jewellery collection, go ahead and start one today at Miss Highness. 

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