A Beginner's Guide to Select Bridal Jewellery: Dos and Don’ts

Bridal Jewellery

Amid a group of thousands of well-dressed guests at an Indian wedding, it is surprisingly simple to identify the bride. This is a result of her opulent, exquisite regalia, and exquisite jewellery. Indian bridal jewellery is highly regarded for its intricate designs and rich cultural heritage. However, having too many options really lengthens your shopping scene, doesn't it? The same holds true for selecting Indian wedding jewellery. The challenge becomes more difficult as the latest bridal jewellery sets gain popularity. And this is just one more thing on the long list of things to accomplish during your wedding shopping, which also includes picking out a lehenga, a bridal hairstyle, bridal makeup, accessories, mandap décor, etc.

Without the ideal bridal jewellery set for your priceless lehenga, you simply cannot seem like the million-dollar baby you deserve to be on your wedding day. Now, selecting your wedding jewelry sets could be difficult if you don't have a thorough understanding of the various styles of Indian bridal jewelry. When it comes to styling for a wedding, wearing the appropriate jewelry is very essential. So what should we consider before spending our hard-earned money on bridal jewellery? Let’s take a look at this beginner’s guide to selecting bridal jewellery.

Consider Necklines While Selecting Necklaces

The bride is typically attired in a stunning Lehenga with numerous elaborate motifs embroidered with stones and silk thread in a traditional Indian wedding. This attire can be made with any neckline, such as boat, sweetheart, scoop, high color, bold V, or plunging ones. It is crucial to match the wedding dress with an appropriate bridal necklace set, whether it be a long necklace, a choker necklace, or both. Your necklaces must complement your neckline. You need to balance them perfectly. If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline or if the blouse on your saree is deep, consider wearing a choker or shorter necklace to add charm and magnificence. Overdoing it and covering your entire body in sequins and diamonds will only make you resemble a disco ball. Make sure to choose jewellery that will enhance both your own attractiveness and the beauty of the clothing.

Choose Jewellery That Complements your Wedding Outfit

It is wise to choose a simple set of wedding bridal jewellery to highlight the beauty and grandeur of a grand wedding outfit. Contrarily, if your wedding dress is simple, choose bold, opulent jewellery to complete the magnificent Indian bridal look. It can be difficult to choose between platinum, gold, rose gold, and silver while buying jewellery. However, the fabric of your wedding dress will help you decide. Platinum and silver look lovely with a light-colored lehenga. But if your wedding dress is dark, gold jewelry will look the finest with the look. These days, rose gold looks wonderful with red or pink-hued clothing. If your dress is a light beige color, silver oxidised jewellery will shine and look stunning. Keep in mind that your bridal attire should have matched accents and designs. Your choice of bridal jewellery will be determined by the beading done on your wedding dress.

Keep It Simple and Minimalist

It can be tempting to overdo the shine as your wedding day draws near. A bride would never intentionally overdo her jewelry. Keep in mind that while you should be feeling enthusiastic, your accessories shouldn't take over your appearance. Keep the rest of your accessories simple and opt for one standout piece of jewelry to let it stand out. The proverb - less is more holds true when it comes to selecting wedding jewellery. Jewellery shouldn't draw attention away from the wearer. Your bridal jewellery and the dress or saree you chose must match perfectly together.

You must combine everything and make it appear elegant and graceful. For example, you won't need to wear a necklace set, if your wedding blouse or lehenga has a detailed and well-decorated neckline. It could come off as garish or busy. You can buy an American diamond bridal jewellery set that will go well with your wedding attire and give you that glamorous look elegantly.

Avoid Mixing Colors

As we all know, colored gemstones are vivid and give a lovely flair when worn with the appropriate outfit. However, mixing colors for one outfit is not a good idea, especially with your wedding dress. For instance, if your wedding dress is a pastel tint, you can use a single piece of brightly colored gemstone jewellery like a kundan bridal set. Bright-colored outfits might look good with neutral-colored gemstone jewellery.

Mix Jewellery Metals Carefully & Tastefully

It is a frequent misconception that wearing jewellery made of different metals, such as white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, and gold, together can make you look tacky. However, combining them intelligently and tastefully can always be successful, especially during a very special occasion like your wedding. With precise metal blending, you can get the most stunning bridal appearance.

Select Bridal Jewellery Based On The Occasion

There are many different rituals performed at weddings, some grand, some small, some with ceremony, and some without. As you cherish every moment of your wedding, wear your bridal jewellery appropriately for the occasion. Although the full bridal jewelry set may not be acceptable for every ritual, South Indian jewellery should include a Vaddanam, Vanki, Necklace, Earrings, Haram, Bangles, and Maang Tikka. For your wedding ceremony, choose a substantial Kundan bridal jewellery with Jhumkas and some light bridal jewellery set online to fit the occasion.

Comfort Should Also Be Considered

During the wedding, the number of events will last for hours, so pick jewelry that is both attractive and comfortable. There is no reason to wear a bulky, hefty, and gaudy piece of jewellery if you don't feel comfortable wearing it. Particularly on the dance floor, it could be taxing on the neck as well. When you layering necklaces, go for lighter necklaces in a range of lengths, such as a pendant and a choker or a longer necklace. As a bride, you don't want your jewellery to make you feel uncomfortable or heavy as you will also get tired easily.

Avoid Wearing All Of Your Jewellery On D-Day

Speaking about elaborate Indian bridal jewellery design, it doesn’t mean wearing every piece of jewellery you own. To achieve an overall sophisticated bridal appearance, the challenge is to select the appropriate pieces and aesthetically complement them with your appearance. Sometimes it makes sense to remove a lot of jewellery to get a certain style.

It’s Not Just About Wedding Celebration

The wedding festivities will endure for a few days, but the jewellery will be worn for many occasions and events of your lifetime. Therefore, before opting for bridal jewellery, you should also need to consider reusing it and mixing it with other outfits as well. Being practical is a smart decision and not a bad thing.

Opt for Layering Style

When we talk about a traditional South Indian bride, she will typically wear a crisp silk sari and a variety of necklaces, ranging from chokers to lengthy necklaces. The arrangement of the necklaces is quite essential because it may make or break the entire look. Today, the layering style for brides gaining popularity.

Be True to Who You Are

When choosing the right accessories for your wedding dress or saree, it's quite important to keep in mind that they should reflect your individuality and personality. You should be the center of attention because your partner and the other guests are there to look at you! If you don't want to wear heavy jhumka earrings, stick to studs or hoop earrings. How do you feel about the way you look with a very simple necklace? Take a risk! If you love all of your accessories, you will feel confident, and that's the best accessory of all.

Final Words

You can choose jewelry for the special day that will help you look like a princess by keeping the aforementioned advice in mind. You will always remember that particular day and be able to tell your children about how beautiful you looked on that day. In the end, the most important factor is you, the bride. You should adore the bridal look you've achieved. Decide on the jewellery that makes you happy and be true to yourself. Being a stunning bride will come naturally. Visit Miss Highness to get premium quality bridal fashion jewellery at the most affordable prices. 

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