All You Need To Know About Silver Oxidised Jewellery

 Silver Oxidised Jewellery

Nothing is more accessible and elegant than classic silver oxidised jewellery. It is extremely popular with ladies of all ages since it is genuinely fresh and fuss-free. With so many incredible patterns to pick from, silver oxidised jewellery is always a great choice for a stylish accessory. With its beautiful look, oxidised jewellery may significantly improve the wearer's impression. This is currently one of the best types of artificial jewellery available in the market. And, when we talk about the best place to buy these items, it is definitely Miss Highness. The stunning oxidised jewellery is made by fusing two metals and may be worn with confidence by any woman. Due to its simple accessibility, reasonable price, and variety of styling possibilities, it is also a well-liked choice among fashion designers. Continue reading to learn what oxidised jewellery is and the reasons for its increasing popularity. 

Making Of Silver Oxidised Jewellery

There are generally two ways to make silver oxidised jewellery. The method that is most frequently used to create that blackened coating on silver metal is to expose it to sulphides. The second technique uses hydrochloric acid as the oxidising agent. The second method is quicker and more efficient, but it is also more dangerous and needs to be done carefully with the right safety precautions. 

What Makes Oxidised Jewellery Worth Adding To Your Collection?

  • Compared to any of your regular gold jewellery, oxidised jewellery is simpler to maintain and clean. 
  • You may pick from a plethora of options of creative and vibrant jewellery patterns. You may discover a variety of colourful and ethnically inspired earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets, to mention a few. These accessories may instantly make your look more pleasant for the day. 
  • Their versatility is undoubtedly a major factor in their huge success. Whether it's a typical workday or a dinner date, these stunning items will always make you appear elegant. Combine it with your everyday or formal attire to create a stylish and creative look. 
  • Oxidized jewellery is incredibly cost-effective. At unbelievable price ranges, you may buy gorgeous oxidised Jhumkas or Bracelets. Price ranges vary from 50 to 1000 rupees. The costs will increase somewhat if you are searching for something more premium, but they are still within reach for most people. 

How To Keep Your Silver Oxidised Jewellery Safe? 

If you have silver oxidised jewellery items in your collection, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep your oxidised jewellery safe and long-lasting. 

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and any sources of fluorescent light.
  • Periodically polish or clean the jewellery's surface using any proper polishing cloth. 
  • It is not recommended to polish oxidised jewellery with any tarnish remover, such as toothpaste or something like that. 
  • Keep the jewellery in sealed containers while not in use, preferably wrapped in cotton cloths or rolls.
  • Finally, avoid letting these items come into touch with hot water or steam. 

Styling Your Silver Oxidised Jewellery

Pairing tribal or Mughal prints with traditional clothing looks wonderful. Wear a stack of gorgeous Meenakari bangles to dress up your look or combine your saree with a set of silver oxidised Jhumkas in a Kundan pattern. When worn with any ethnic dress, oxidised pendants that include glass or pearl look royal. You can really spice up your casual clothing with these things. The secret is to choose basic yet colourful elements. Overall, styling and expressing your creativity with these fantastic and modern pieces is really simple to do.