Common Jewellery Mistakes Need to Avoid: Fashion Jewellery Styling Tips

Fashion Jewellery Styling Tips

Jewellery is a means of self-expression, just like clothing. Accessories can instantly update your style, whether they are standout pieces or everyday pieces. Both amateur stylists and professional fashion enthusiasts often make fashion blunders. Particularly, fashion jewellery may make or break your fashion sense. While everyone is aware of the fundamental guidelines for styling and caring for clothing, what about jewelry? Women do a lot of common jewellery mistakes and oversights without even realizing it. Let's look at some tips to help you wear fashion jewelry properly and steer clear of these blunders:

Lesser is Better

The variety of fashion jewellery is always alluring, leading you to stack several jewellery pieces even though they don't add anything to your style. Instead, choose designer fashion jewellery with simple styling. Layering is only in style when worn with the right clothes and accessories. Feel free to pair several pendant necklaces with a subtle t-shirt. But for Indian attire, picking lovely earrings and a delicate neckpiece is more preferable.

Don’t Combine Heavy Necklaces with Dangler Earrings

It's strictly prohibited to wear large danglers with layered necklaces and many bracelets. So, remember to keep things simple. If you are wearing a statement neckpiece, avoid wearing large earrings. You simply need to remember one rule when styling your fashion jewellery: never combine heavy necklaces with big dangler earrings. Choose one of these, and keep the other simple. By doing this, you'll avoid a lot of gaudy and garish appearances!

Style According to the Occasion Only

Never wear silver oxidised earrings to a sophisticated evening gathering or American diamond jewellery on a casual day out. Before styling your accessories, consider the occasion first. When it comes to your fashion sense, you want to stand out from the crowd without standing out for the wrong reasons. 

Not Considering Skin Tone

In fashion jewellery, there are plenty of options available in terms of metals and colors, some of which may or may not work for you. Always make jewellery selections that complement your skin tone. White gold, platinum, and silver jewellery work best with cool skin tones. Warm skin tones can wear hues like rose gold, yellow gold, or even copper, and brass. In addition to that, you can experiment with both yellow and white metals if your skin tone is neutral.

Mismatching Jewellery and Colors

Many ladies wind up accessorizing with jewelry that contrasts with the color of their clothing like pearls on a white kurta or a simple gold necklace set paired with a flashy top. Planning the style is important, as is experimenting with various metal and stone colors. It is suggested not to go for garish, opulent, extravagant items, with crowded prints.

Ignoring the Neckline

Considering the neckline while wearing the necklace is very much important. Think about your options before wearing the same jewellery every day. Look through your jewelry selection and take note of the various styles and lengths of necklaces that you have. In addition to accessorizing your attire with necklaces, you can draw attention to particular body regions by using various lengths of necklaces. A shorter chain can draw attention to a lengthy neck, whilst a larger one highlights your collarbones. 

Not Considering Hairstyle

People mostly consider the hair and face as different canvases for accessorizing. However, this could result in garish and domineering appearances. Instead, decide on your haircut first, then dress accordingly. You may purchase extremely lovely accessories like a pearl choker necklace with a stunning maang tikka. If your hairstyle features numerous hairpins or decorative clips, keep your accessories understated. You can wear matching pair of earrings if you choose a loose bun or half-up hairstyle.

Although earrings can be more understated than other jewellery, they still need to be combined with the rest of your outfit. When it comes to your hair, this is especially accurate. Any jewellery you are wearing may be hidden if your hair is loose. Consider wearing a simple set of stud earrings. On the other hand, there will be a lot of space available between your ear and your neck if you wear a bun or a high ponytail. In that case, you could choose to wear something more extravagant and traditional. It's very much important to match your jewellery to your hairstyle.

Not Storing Fashion Jewellery Properly

Your jewelry's condition and appearance will also be impacted by where you store it when it is not being worn. In humid environments, precious fashion jewellery tarnishes quickly. Even free-flowing air can harm your jewelry. Similar to how jewellery that rubs against other items is easily ruined, it can also get scratched. Your jewellery will be protected if you use a jewellery box to store them properly. There won't be much air exposure, and some boxes have different compartments to avoid scratching and tangling. Another option is a necklace tree, but you'll need to dust and clean your jewellery more frequently. Miss Highness provides fashion jewellery in a soft and cute pouch as well as a box. You can store your jewelry in it post-usage.

Not Being Creative With Jewellery

Even if you adore a piece of designer artificial jewellery, wearing it every day can get monotonous. When the seasons change, it's a great idea to start experimenting with new jewelry and outfits. Make an effort to combine your jewelry with your outfits and note what looks well and what doesn't. Consider buying some latest fashion jewelry designs if you feel you are missing in a certain type of piece. If you don't have a large collection of jewellery, you should plan how and when to expand it. On specific occasions like your birthday, you might want to ask family, friends, or beloved ones.

Winding Up

Any clothing can benefit greatly from jewelry, which can make or break your appearance while you are wearing it. Remember that confidence is the key to both style and beauty in the end. Wear something with pride if you think it looks excellent. Use these fashion jewellery styling tips the next time you need to dress for an occasion to avoid making any common jewellery mistakes. You must follow the proper maintenance recommendations if you want to keep your jewelry looking fantastic. Keep in mind the basics of fashion in order to look fabulous without any hassle. Visit our website to learn more about our online store and to browse the trendiest fashion jewellery collection of your choice.


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