Must-Have Bridal Jewellery to Go with Your Bridal Outfit

Bridal Jewellery

There is no denying, that the stunning bride is the main focus of every wedding. As she walks down the aisle wearing the most exquisite clothing and jewellery, all eyes are on her and her timeless beauty. For every bride, there is a fantasy of rocking the environment with their bridal look on her big day. This could happen only when your bridal jewellery complements your bridal outfit perfectly. Every bride plans out every aspect of her look for this special day of her life, from the grooming sessions to the makeup, from the bridal jewellery set to the outfits. If you are a bride-to-be getting ready to wed the love of your life. Here is a list of top bridal jewellery you must have that will make you appear beautiful and ethereal on your special day.

  1.     Bridal Necklace Set

A necklace is one of the most typical yet significant components of wedding jewellery sets. There are many different necklace varieties available in the market now to fits both deep and not-so-deep pockets. Let's check the most popular wedding necklace designs that are sold in India.

Choker Design

Recently, the choker necklace design has become more popular after being seen in popular Bollywood movies. This trend has already made it into the trousseau of the Indian bride, with many brides opting for a choker necklace on their wedding day after ditching the regular wear and party outfits. The bridal lehenga's overall look has a richly royal aura, which helps in gaining its popularity. Additionally, choker-style necklaces are available in a varied range of options in the market such as temple choker set, pearls, American diamonds, etc.

Aadh Necklace Design

This necklace design starts from the choker style which is traditionally a block of gold and Meenakari work on the backside. You can see Rajasthani brides wearing Aadh necklaces, which have triangle strings at the end for a very traditional look. This kind of necklace almost completely encloses the neckline, giving it a naturally attractive appearance.

Raani Haar Design

Rani Haar is a type of necklace set that is typically long and can either have one string or more. Due to its length, this style also lends a royal appearance to the entire wedding attire. This trend has been popular for a while since Sabyasachi starts dressing his models in this style years ago. To make it look more elegant, it is typically worn with another necklace. When worn layered with a choker-style neckpiece, Rani Haar looks its best. However, wearing just a Rani Haar bridal necklace set would look good if your wedding blouse is very simple. For Indian brides, it makes the ideal addition to their wedding jewelry.

  1.     Maang Tikka

Without the Maang Tikka on her forehead, her bridal look is incomplete. When worn at the hair parting, maang tikka offers a traditional appeal that will transfer you back in time. Maang tikkas come in a variety of designs, shapes, and patterns, so when choosing one, keep in mind the shape of your forehead and the look you want to achieve. The heavy maang tikka will look magnificent on a broad forehead. An elegant and graceful look can be achieved with lighter maang tikka if your forehead is smaller than typical. Maang tikkas are typically made to go with the rest of your jewelry. The Matha Patti, which has decorated chains on both sides, is an enhancement to Bridal Maang Tikka. Without a doubt, matha Patti is the must-have wedding jewellery on your wedding day, which is made to exude nobility.

  1.     Nose Ring or Nath

A bridal Nath is another one of the most important pieces of jewellery for wedding. Nath or nose ring is a most stunning facial feature of a traditional bride. Because of the classic aspect that is immediately associated with them, even a simple nose ring can transport you in time. An ethnic nose ring would be the ideal finishing touch if you have chosen heavy clothing with heavy jewelry. The good news is that clip-on nose rings that seem just as conventional as the others are now available, so you can wear them on your wedding day without having to pierce your nose. Nose rings are an ethnic fashion statement, so use them to your advantage to become a sparkling damsel from another realm.

  1.     Earrings

Buying earrings that you can wear both on your wedding day and afterward is always a wonderful choice. Choose gold earrings, temple earrings, chandelier earrings, Kundan earrings, polki, pearl chandbalis, diamond and gemstone drop earrings, or another style to suit your traditional bridal look. Make sure to avoid wearing particularly heavy earrings because they may make you uncomfortable if worn for a longer period of time. After knowing your level of comfort, you can play around with different designs. Every bride needs to wear gorgeous and classy earrings, and no matter how little you may think they contribute to the overall look, people will surely notice them.

  1. Bangles

No bridal jewellery list is complete without mentioning bangles. Indian brides are renowned for wearing the most expensive, exquisite, gorgeous, ethnic bangles. Any traditional bride looks stunning when she wears gleaming, exquisitely created jewelry that adorns her arms. In India, there is a plethora of amazing bangle designs. Whether you prefer the traditional Kerala kappu or the northern Indian chooda or Polki bangles, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. You can even go ahead and make a statement by wearing the hanging kaleere.

  1. Statement Ring

The statement rings are so elegant and gorgeous that any bride must have to add some charm to their beautiful fingers and enhance their bridal look. A stunning piece of the ring can work as a cherry on the cake for the entire bridal look. As a bride, you have already booked your ringer finger for your engagement ring but why limit it as you can have various options of antique and trending rings that come with the bridal jewellery set. The designer rings come in gold or silver embellished with diamonds, pearls, Kundan, and stones, which are always in vogue. These extravagant wedding rings go perfectly with your bridal lehenga and enhance the charm of your bridal jewellery.

  1. Anklets & Toe Rings

Brides are ornate entirely from head to toe during their big day. In India, anklets are worn by brides for a variety of reasons. They are not only attractive and appealing but also ethnic and traditional. Toe rings and anklets work wonders on your beautiful feet. When worn with toe rings and anklets on your designed Mehndi feet will elevate your feet from ordinary to heavenly, making them a feminine need. In many cultures, toe rings represent a woman's marital status. The anklets or payals, which are primarily made of silver metal, contain a lot of beautiful intricate patterns and traditional designs. Some of them also contain little metallic bells, so when the bride walks, rub against one another and make a melodic sound, giving her an aura of elegance and making her look lovely.

So, these were the must-have bridal jewellery that every bride would wish for. Apart from these wedding bridal jewellery designs, there are various other options as well. If you are interested, you can also consider kamarband (waistband), armlets, hathphool (hand harness), saree pins with jewels, foot harnesses, saree brooches, etc. Keep in mind that this is your special day, so go above and beyond to be the stunning bride to rock your day!

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