Temple Jewellery Designs: For Every South Indian Bride

Temple Jewellery Designs
Jewellery has always been a crucial part of Indian traditional clothing. An old style of Indian jewellery art is temple jewellery designs. It was traditionally used to beautify the idols of gods and goddesses. It was then praised by classical dancers, and the designs gradually became a part of an Indian woman’s bridal as well as casual dress. A small group of artists in South India manufacture temple jewellery collection. The skill required to create an interesting piece may even take a few months. Temple jewellery set is thought to be incredibly fortunate. Due to the presence of divine forms, wearing it raises our power and purifies our aura. 

Types Of Temple Jewellery👇

Temple jewellery is so very much beautiful that no lady can resist wearing it with their outfits, especially traditional outfits. When temple jewellery is beautifully worn with suitable clothes, it makes you look really attractive and elegant. Temple jewellery collection is really lavish and majestic. There are many temple jewellery designs that you may explore to add to your wedding jewellery collection, ranging from Polki to Kundan jewellery designs. South Indian brides now have their very own type of beautiful and elegant jewellery. Temple jewellery necklace is very popular among South Indian women, mostly on their wedding day. In this blog, we will mention a variety of temple jewellery designs that every South Indian bride should wear. 
  • Manga Malai
  • Jada Billa
  • Nethi Chutti
  • Kasulaperu
  • Vanki
  • Vadiyanam
  • Jhumka
  • Bangles

Manga Malai 👇

South Indian brides commonly wear the traditional temple jewellery known as Manga Malai or Mango Mala. The complex mango design of this jewellery, especially the necklace, is one of the most notable and unique features. It adds a touch of originality and charm to this antique temple jewellery set. You may opt to go with this gorgeous Manga Malai beauty for weddings and other special events because this jewellery is really simple and sophisticated in its form and style. Get ready to grab the attention of everyone by choosing this beautiful Manga Malai necklace for your wedding day. 

Jada Billa 👇

Jada Billa is mainly an elaborate piece of the Temple jewellery collection, that is made of flowers. It is mostly used to beautify hair. For south Indian brides, Jada Billa is an adorable accessory that best highlights the style of long, thick hair. Jada Billa jewellery is the ideal addition to choose if you enjoy decorating your beautiful hair. This piece of temple jewellery is created with flowers, stones and pearls to beautify your long, thick hair. 

Nethi Chutti 👇

Nethi chutti, also known as maang tikka in North India, is another piece of wedding jewellery that every Indian woman must have. Although there are numerous designs available for a Nethi Chutti or Maang Tikka, still a classic Nethi Chutti in temple jewellery designs looks dazzling and lovely on a bride. A nethi chutti with a single necklace connected is still popular today. If you are a bride who prefers simplicity or wants to reuse your wedding jewellery, you can choose a single-strand design. 

Kasulaperu 👇

The goddess Lakshmi coins are used to create the traditional South Indian style necklace known as Kasulaperu. Polished kemp stones, precious stones and diamonds are mostly used to create this traditional style Temple jewellery necklace. In order to maintain their unique and captivating bridal style, brides can choose the Kasulaperu necklace. It is exquisite, elegant and royal in itself. So, get ready with this amazing Kasulaperu necklace in a double or single-layered design and flaunt the classic South Indian style and beauty. 

Vanki 👇

Vanki, also known as Bajubandh is just another crucial and alluring piece of jewellery in Indian culture, especially at weddings. This Vanki is a very important piece of antique temple jewellery set for marriage, mostly in South India. It looks gorgeous with silk sarees and short sleeve blouse. Even if you like puff sleeves, you should choose to wear this really beautiful Vanki jewellery with your bridal jewellery set and outfit to make a lasting impact on people at your wedding  

Vadiyanam 👇

In traditional South Indian jewellery, Kamarbandh is also known as Vadiyanam or Vaddanam. When a saree is worn, women wear a piece of jewellery with a long, elegant chain that is wrapped all around the waist of the lady. Every South Indian lady should have this piece of temple jewellery. The greatest thing about this jewellery is that it is now readily accessible in a wide range of styles and patterns fashioned with rubies, emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones. For those who like to keep their bridal look classic, Vadiyanam temple jewellery is a great option to beautify the waistline and the bridal outfit. 

Jhumka 👇

Earrings in the Jhumka or Chaandbali form are quite fashionable right now. South Indian women can choose a magnificent Jhumka to complement their bridal outfits for wedding occasions. Adding a pair of alluring Jhumka to your Indian artificial jewellery collection is a necessity if you want to look amazing and attractive on any special occasion. Jhumkas are now being created in the form of incredibly detailed, huge god and goddess designs. Choose a beautiful pair of Jhumkas from the huge collection of artificial earrings offered at Miss Highness, just make sure it goes properly with your outfit. 

Bangles 👇

It is one of the most lovely and magnificent temple jewellery designs that South Indian brides should consider wearing to complement their outfits. Bangles have various names in every south Indian state, but they are the most important piece of temple jewellery that looks great with Indian outfits. If you want to wear a classic Kanjeevaram or Silk saree, bangles will surely enhance the charm of your bridal outfit. However, if you want to keep it simple, just go with one bangle on each of your hands. 
These South Indian jewellery ideas are perfect for brides-to-be who prefer to maintain their classic look since they are elegant, regal, and have a bit of vintage flair. We tried to mention the best pieces of temple jewellery designs. You can buy most of them at the online store of Miss Highness. Just visit the Temple Jewellery collection and start shopping. 
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