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Temple Jewellery Online

Temple jewellery's ageless appeal has long been a staple of a woman's jewellery collection, particularly in India's southern region. South Indian temple jewellery is customarily composed of gold and set with priceless jewels and stones. It is inspired by ancient architecture, paintings, and statues of temples, gods, and goddesses. It is regarded as one of the most exquisite and artistic types of ethnic Indian fashion jewellery and has been worn by monarchs, dancers, gods, and goddesses throughout history. 

History Of Temple Jewellery

It is thought that temple jewellery dates back to the 9th century AD, under the rule of the Chola and Pandya kingdoms. Temple jewellery was originally created from donations of gold, other precious metals, and stones presented at temples in South India. The jewellery was then created to be worn by royal family members and temple gods. 

Temple jewellery is now a crucial component of every South Indian bride's trousseau since it has grown to be connected with fortunate events and religious celebrations throughout time. Even now, jewellers continue to utilise classic patterns and motifs that are still recognised by their original names, such as kokku (crane), makara (crocodile), and tamarappu (lotus). Temple jewellery is worn during festivals and auspicious events because it is thought to bring good fortune. 

Today’s Temple Jewellery

In the past, Temple jewellery was expertly created. The numerous temples in south India served as a source of inspiration for artists, who faithfully reproduced the sculptures, drawings, and carvings in their creations. These components may now be made in less time thanks to the usage of machines. While Temple Jewellery designs were historically made of gold, it is now made of silver with a gold gloss and set with semi-precious stones, making them more cost-effective and widely available. The usage of Polki and Kundan stones is indicative of the North Indian influence. 

Temple Jewellery Designs

Popular temple jewellery designs, worn by dancers, movie stars, and fashionistas, are based on gods, temple tops, and divine figurines. These designs include Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi-themed pieces, coin necklaces, waist belts, and items made with a swan, peacock, lotus flower, leaves, and tree motifs. 

Artificial Temple Jewellery Collection

Traditional temple jewellery is incredibly expensive, which is why artificial temple jewellery was created. Now, any lady may feel like a princess by donning imitation temple jewellery. Artificial temple jewellery comes in a variety of designs and includes a temple jewellery necklace, temple earrings, hair accessories, temple choker necklace and jewellery pieces that adorn the feet and forehead. The most popular part of any antique temple jewellery set is Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra, which is loved by many Indian women. 

Attire For Temple Jewellery Set

Temple jewellery typically looks lovely when worn with traditional sarees. Because this type of fashion jewellery is so substantial and ornate, it is preferable to keep your attire basic to get that stunning appearance. 

Trends In Temple Jewellery

Every lady in this generation wants to seem lovely and glamorous like a Bollywood diva. We make an effort to imitate their fashion choices, including clothing, hair, and jewellery. In the movie "Ram Leela," the stunning and accomplished actress "Deepika Padukone" was wearing a lovely temple jewellery set. There is a trend for temple jewellery even in numerous television series.

Piece Of Jewellery For A Temple Jewellery Collection

Every girl wants to have a temple jewellery collection, but many of them don’t know what piece of temple jewellery they should buy to make a complete collection. The list of artificial jewellery pieces required for a temple jewellery collection is given below. 

Temple Jewellery Necklace

These chokers and necklaces are neckpieces that truly accentuate joyful events. Along with idols of the gods and goddesses, these decorations feature valuable jewels, pearls, emeralds, and other gems. 

Temple Chains

The most common jewellery decorations that offer an amazing look to women’s appearance are chains. You may wear these chains as long or short as you want to, depending on the clothing. You may add pearls, Kundan stones, and other stones to these chains to make them more lustrous and valuable. 

Temple Armlets

Most south Indian brides wear armlets at their weddings. Typically, they are worn above the elbow. They come in a variety of shapes, but when it comes to temple jewellery armlets, they are created with the goddess Lakshmi in mind. 

Temple Bangles

According to various customs, women wear bangles after being married. There are many different types of temple jewellery bangles available in South India, including the most basic to heavy ones. Girls may choose whatever suits better with their outfits. 

Temple Rings And Toe Rings

There are many different styles of temple finger rings and toe rings. There are several finger rings and toe rings to choose from. You can buy any type of finger rings and toe rings online. Miss Highness offers a wide selection of temple jewellery online

Temple Hip Chain

A magnificent occasion accessory is a hip chain. This piece of jewellery is from the antique temple jewellery set for marriage. For example, they can be decorated with gemstone studs and pearl or trinket decorations for a more attractive appearance. When it comes to temple jewellery, they are also fashioned with the goddess Lakshmi, as well as peacocks, elephants, and other animal motifs. 

Best Jewellery Available At Miss Highness

Temple Jewellery is the most popular traditional jewellery in South India for any event, such as weddings, celebrations, festivals, etc. You may certainly choose the temple jewellery set for both modest and opulent styles. This jewellery is great, especially for an exceptional classic appearance. Choose patterns that go well with your clothing. There are many styles available of temple jewellery online at Miss Highness, you can buy any of them easily. 

Radhe Krishna Long Temple Jewellery Set

Your outfits will have a classic feel thanks to this magnificent Radhe Krishna Long gold plated Necklace Set with earrings. Combine any ethnic clothing with this intricate long necklace set to create a priceless look in no time. For celebratory events, pair it with a kanji varam silk saree or any other ethnic outfit. For any ethnic event, this lengthy temple jewellery set is fantastic.

Temple Necklace With Jhumkaa Earrings

One of the most gorgeous temple jewellery sets is this lovely gold-plated short choker set. The pendant is alluring and mesmerising, and it has a very lovely design to enhance the appearance of your neckline. An extremely lovely pair of Jhumka is included with the necklace set. The jewellery set is ideal for all wedding-related events. 

Gold Plated Temple Choker Jewellery Set

Any wedding event is suitable for this lovely temple choker set. The design is incredibly elegant and distinctive. Its pink-coloured Polki stones give this artificial necklace a graceful appearance. The choker features a drop bead as part of its design to enhance its beauty. It continues to move and attracts a lot of people's attention. 

Taking Care Of Artificial Temple Jewellery

  • If your temple jewellery is not made of gold and silver, you must take care of temple imitation jewellery since it is made of metal and has a golden gloss.
  • For long-lasting durability, never store temple fashion jewellery in velvet boxes or expose it to chemicals or scents.
  • The best approach to clean your jewellery is to use a small, moist cotton cloth, followed by a gentle toothbrush and thorough drying. Your jewellery will become fresh and sparkling as a result.


Temple jewellery is said to evoke a heavenly presence each time it is worn, because of its tradition and design. Therefore, it is essential for women who want to add an auspicious and age-old custom to the most important day of their life. Temple jewellery frequently serves as a classic counterpoint to more modern clothing. Hope this informative blog was helpful to you. If you want to buy artificial temple jewellery, you can buy it from Miss Highness. We offer a huge range of temple jewellery online for our customers. Enjoy Shopping.


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