Top 10 Jewellery Brands In India For Online Jewellery Shopping

Top 10 Jewellery Brands

Leading jewellery brands provide a sense of security for customers who don’t want to risk losing their money in an unproved establishment. Most of us undertake extensive research before buying fine or artificial jewellery. Many of us face anxiety when making purchases online, and now we can do it confidently without seeing the gems in reality. Still, there are many people who don’t want to buy fashion jewellery online due to reliability difficulties. A beautiful piece of jewellery may quickly improve your look and make you feel beautiful. However, there are now a number of respectable and trustworthy online jewellery brands. They provide try-at-home options while selling jewellery of the highest calibre. Additionally, you get access to millions of internet jewellery designs. Even occasionally, these fine and artificial jewellery online shopping websites provide great discounts on online purchases.

How To Pick The Best Jewellery Brands?

Indian ladies adore gold jewellery because it is both beautiful and a wise investment that will last for generations. We are here to guide you through the sometimes-overwhelming process of buying jewellery online. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind while purchasing jewellery online and choosing the best jewellery brand.

  • Designs: The very first point to keep in mind is the design of jewellery. Most brands now offer a wide range of styles, including Meenakari, Kundan, Jadau, etc. Additionally, there are premium and artificial jewellery online brands that provide modern and simple designs.
  • Material: You may purchase jewellery created with gold, silver, platinum, alloys, and other materials in India. All of these metals come in a vast variety, giving you a tonne of options. The choice is yours, you can buy any type of material online from various websites. 
  • Purity:  24k gold is the purest form of metal and is not alloyed with any other metals. However, since they are more durable and more affordable, 22k, 14k, or 18k gold are preferable options when it comes to jewellery. To avoid future fraud, make sure to always verify the metal purity before making an online purchase. Make sure the jewellery is also Hallmark certified.

Top Jewellery Brands In India

Numerous companies in India manufacture exquisite jewellery that is appreciated by consumers around the globe. You may discover anything here, whether you want to buy a real diamond studded ring or simply a piece of American diamond jewellery to wear at parties. Many people buy jewellery as an investment, if you are buying gold jewellery, you should buy only the highest quality items. We have created a list of some best online jewellery brands in India that provide a variety of fine and imitation jewellery options, that are ideal for every occasion. 

Blue Stone

Blue Stone is India's premier destination for high-quality jewellery with handmade designs. This online jewellery brand offers 8000+ unique online jewellery designs that can be tailored to fit the various needs of the customer by altering the colour, purity, and diamond clarity. The jewellery is put through a number of quality tests as part of their made-to-order business strategy before it is sent to the clients. For a better customer experience, they give customers the option of scheduling an online appointment for their free "Try At Home" service. They are quickly expanding their "Try At Home" service in different Indian cities.


Tanishq is a Tata Group subbrand in the jewellery category. Tanishq has a wide selection of gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery collections to suit all needs and celebrations. The company offers the newest and trendiest jewellery designs, which you can buy online from its website. Tanishq has agreements with a number of well-known online jewellers so that customers may get the best product options directly from the website.

Miss Highness

Miss Highness is a luxury fashion jewellery brand that just got started in 2021. Miss It is a maker and online seller of women's jewellery. This online fashion jewellery brand was built on the concept that luxury goods have to be realistic, communicative, and very well made. As a result, their designer artificial jewellery on the internet is made to match both contemporary trends and historical traditions. Miss Highness is India’s most trusted artificial jewellery brand. While keeping the highest level of quality and finishing, they work hard to bring the most popular designs and imitation jewellery styles. With premium jewellery, they also offer Cash On Delivery, 24-Hour easy returns, Free shipping in India and many more. 

PC Jeweller

PC Jeweller totally satisfies today's consumers' rising need to explore, discover, purchase, and learn more about their jewellery items. They sell jewellery made of gemstones, diamonds, silver, and gold. They deal in a wide variety of jewellery categories, including traditional jewellery, modern jewellery, and jewellery in the fusion style. Customers may get a shopping guide for jewellery and a guide to learning about diamonds on the brand's website. To assist their consumers, they also provide a shop location feature on their website. 


Priyaasi has a special connection with ladies who enjoy celebrating special occasions. With some cherished modern traditional jewellery, the self-assured, down-to-earth ladies may share secrets, love, laughter, and a link of trust. In contrast, their collections feature historic artwork or materials in contemporary designs that are just as modern as you. No matter what the situation, they have almost every type of Indian artificial jewellery. Recently, they have also launched their new Handbag collection. 


Caratlane, the country's largest Omni-channel jewellers brand, has a commercial agreement with Tanishq. It provides a premier selection of gold and diamond jewellery from over 4,000 global sellers. It was created specifically to enable ordinary women's jewellery that was unimpressive a few years ago and was not keeping up with their changing lifestyle. Women now have access to contemporary, inexpensive designer jewellery online from CaratLane that they may even wear as daily wear jewellery.


Voylla is one of the most popular fashion jewellery destinations in India, with a massive online presence and 150+ retail locations around the country. This online jewellery brand successfully pioneered the idea of expertly crafted jewellery at an affordable price with unmatched quality in the market. The website offers distinctive and traditional artwork, crafts and stories while also presenting modern accessories and elegant artificial jewellery for every customer. 

Pipa Bella

Pipa Bella is an online jewellery brand that gives ladies all across India the newest, trendiest, and high-quality fashion jewellery as well as accessories. More than 1000 distinctive, high-quality, and reasonably priced online jewellery types are available on the website. Even bespoke accessories are available from this website. Simply visit the online store and enjoy your artificial jewellery online shopping


Mirraw totally understands the needs of women of all ages, therefore they have created a range of Indian artificial jewellery that is available online so that everyone may find a piece that complements them. Mirraw offers well-chosen outfits made by outstanding fashion designers. They provide a buzzing environment where innovative designers may exhibit their most recent creations and interact with the fashion community. The company offers the top styles in footwear, online jewellery, accessories, and clothes. The best aspect is that you may order them while being at home and get the best customer service. Enjoy free delivery throughout India, simple exchanges and returns, cash on delivery option, international shipping, the quickest delivery option, and more.


YouBella is an online store that offers clients an exclusive selection of fashion jewellery and accessories from India’s best designers. YouBella offers designer jewellery online that will match your style with varied styles and patterns. You will get a charming and sophisticated piece of jewellery at a very low price. It offers a variety of beautiful designer imitation jewellery online, including bridal jewellery set, necklaces, classy earrings and many more. You can easily shop from YouBella, they offer their products on different online platforms. You can also buy their products from their official website. 


The correct piece of jewellery may completely change the way you appear and feel about yourself. Since buying jewellery online might be a little bit complicated, we have mentioned a list of the top 10 jewellery brands in India, so that you can buy jewellery online easily without any problem. The brands like Tanishq, Miss Highness, and BlueStone are our personal favourites. To find something that fits your personality, feel free to explore the complete collection of the above-mentioned brands.

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